Toddler Folding Beds You Can Opt To Have

Just as you need a good 8 hours of sleep time, so does your toddler. A good bed is pivotal to a restful night.

So, getting the right bed for your precious little one goes a long way in ensuring that he/she will grow healthy and strong. For the bigger kids a bunk bed, trundle bed or loft bed would be perfect for them.

But for a toddler we would recommend a folding cot that allows for easy of movement. At the same time, comfort must be balanced against affordability and convenience.

Your child should have a comfy place to sleep but at the same time, you shouldn’t have to break the bank getting one.

What then can be more convenient and affordable than a folding bed?

Folding beds are the go-to products for anyone on a budget looking for a comfortable yet affordable bed to rest their heads.

Adult folding beds are many at times bought to provide beds for visiting guests. Their design is very simple.

Mainly consisting of two main parts; the frame and the mattress, they are very easy to store, set up, and quite comfortable to sleep on.

Folding beds meant for toddlers, though smaller in size, do not in the slightest, fall short of these qualities. Their make is very simple. It consists of a frame and a mattress.

The bed frame can be made from plastic, steel, or wood. Whatever material used; the bed frame is made to be strong enough to hold up the weight of any growing toddler.

The bed comes with a mattress, wrapped in a removable, machine washable cover. The mattress is made of foam. You are assured that on it, your toddler will sleep peacefully.

The removable cover allows you to keep your child’s sleeping surface as fresh and clean as you possibly can. Some beds come with a sleeping mat instead of a mattress.

The mat is comfortable but not good, if the bed is to be used for a long time. Folding beds are affordable and portable.

The portability aspect makes traveling and camping hustle free. You can virtually carry your toddler’s bed with you wherever you go.

Just fold and place the bed in your boot. They can also be used to accommodate your child’s guests during sleepovers.

Foldable cot with a mattress

Just like a normal cot, this one keeps your toddler in a safe enclosed space during sleep time. Your baby is protected from rolling off, falling onto the ground, and getting hurt.

Unlike a conventional cot, however, this one can be collapsed and folded to become smaller. This feature enhances its usefulness and convenience.

When your toddler outgrows the cot, you need not worry about where to keep it.

You simply need to collapse it and keep it in the closet or the attic until you get a buyer to take it, or find some other use for it.

Your toddler will enjoy sleeping in this cot. The mattress therein is made by using foam.

It provides a flat and firm surface that is not only warm and snugly but also provides support to your child’s back and spine.

Cot on wheels

In addition to providing a safe comfy spot for your young one to enjoy a shut-eye, this cot is designed to make life more convenient for you, the parent.

Attached to the legs are four wheels, one on every leg. The wheels are attached to provide mobility.

The cot can be easily pushed around the house, in and out of rooms just as you would when pushing a trolley at a grocery store.

This feature is perhaps most useful to persons living in small apartments and do not necessarily have the extra space for a nursery.

The cot can be placed in the parent’s room. In the day, the cot is pushed to the corner, out of the way.

At night when no one needs that much space to move around, it can be pulled from its desolate corner.

For safety purposes, all the wheels attached to the cot can be locked in place to prevent them from rotating.

Wooden folding cot

This is a cot that marries the impressive nature of wood and the functionality of a folding cot.

Wood is a commonly utilized raw material in the making of articles of furniture. It is beautiful, durable and can be carved into any shape or form with ease.

As such wooden cots in themselves are some of the most superb cots you will ever find. Their design is impressive. Some have impressive images and figures carved into them.

It is also imperative to mention that wood is also a natural product, taken from the ground.

It does not have the toxins and chemicals that synthetic materials like plastics may have. You are assured of your toddler’s safety while inside the cot.

Folding wooden cots is also very simple. You unhinge a part here, unhinge another part there, put them on each other and you are done!

The wonderful features of a wooden cot however, come at a cost.

Depending on the wood used, be it soft or hardwood, and the amount and quality of craftsmanship that goes into making the cot, the price of one crib could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand!

Thus, before buying one of these, you have to decide if it’s actually worth the expense.

Twin folding cot

This is a cot specifically designed for twins. Any parent with twins knows how much of a hustle it can be to put them to sleep. Though identical, they are very different.

Each twin is an independent individual with their own sleep schedule and pattern.


Putting them to sleep in the same area increases the chances of them waking each other up and not getting the needed hours of sleep.

The twin folding cot is designed to keep the twins together but in separate “cubicles.”

The cot is large to fit both toddlers but comes with a “wall” that keeps each twin in his/her area of the crib.

Each child gets their own small space where they can relax without the interference of the other.

This design offers a much more affordable alternative to buying two separate cots. The twins still get to be close enough to console and comfort each other.