How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch

A daybed provides a lot of sleeping area in a small footprint in kids’ rooms and guest rooms, particularly when it has a slide-out second bed.

This bed is a versatile piece that’s anticipated to change into a couch during the day, or until the next sleepover.

You’ll find some brands resembling couches, with three-sided headboard, upholstered arms, and back.

Other types don’t have the back part, with side-framed panels that might look like wicker or panel wood or perhaps couch arms.

Even a twin mattress that’s pushed length-ways against a wall will work.

How to convert your daybed into a couch

With the proper accessories, decor, and decorative pillows, you can get the wow factor in the transformation from bed-to-couch.

  • Toss in the extras

A beautiful throw blanket and stunning throw pillows or decorative pouf in your room’s accent shade will help make the transformation of the couch more persuasive.

Go for 1 or 2 decorative pillows with big, vivid patterns that match the theme of the room.

Boldly patterned or brightly colored pillows take attention away from your daybed.

  • Equipped with pillows

On some of these beds, the “arms”, panels or side rails might be too narrow or high to be comfy.

For this reason, if you want to form more couch-like elbow rest place plush support or plump round pillow on each end.

Both the backless daybed and three-sided design with panels and foot-board or headboard hold the pillows in place.

With a design that’s not framed, rectangular pillows stay in the best position very well.

For classy color play, you can match back pillows to arm pillows; however, select a contrasting mattress cover or seat, white or black, for instance, or gray and red.

For monotonous design, craft or buy matching cushion or mattress covers of durable microsuede or cotton.

  • Back to front

One difference between a couch and a daybed is the depth of the seat.

When you slide back on it, even on many comfortable upholstered brands, your feet will most likely hang down.

So to create functional seating from a daybed, you can use pillows for occupying some of this room and make a couch-like backrest.

Floor pillows or oversize throw pillows are great for a daybed that has a three-sided headboard.

If the daybed id not framed, put it lengthwise against a corner or wall to stack cushions on it.

  • Staged for exquisiteness

You can decorate around the daybed as you could around a couch, but considering its dual purpose.

Position a magazine holder or potted plant at one end or a reading lamp or side table at the other. Consider hanging art on the wall above and laying a rug at its feet.

A good-looking trunk will help make the perfect coffee table for your daybed; it will double as storage for bedding or cushions.

A pair of storage ottomans or storage cubes provides a more contemporary solution for a coffee table.

Ways of using your daybed couch

When your house is small like a custom shed, it becomes hard to get a space to host a sleepover.

But remember you can overcome this challenge of staying a tiny home by getting a foldable bed.

Whether living in a studio apartment or simply want more sleeping space for your guests, a daybed couch will provide you with another choice.

The daybed couch will provide you with a sofa in the daytime and during the night, you can just remove the sofa pillows and you have a bed.

Not only will some of these daybed couches allow one guest to sleep, but some have a trundle beneath.

This will let you pull it out to provide another guest with even more space for sleeping.

Do you want your daybed couch to provide you with a different choice?

Perhaps you prefer to have the additional sleeping area with a daybed couch, but you would like storage in your limited space as well.

You’ll find daybed couches created beneath storage sections. These will let you store what you want to beneath, whether baskets, big blankets, and more.

You can also find daybed couches with wheels so you can easily move the bed throughout your room when you want to.

If you want to relocate the daybed couch from one place to another in your room, consider a daybed couch that has wheels to provide you with that choice.

How to decorate a daybed

A daybed is the best solution for small spaces such as a home office or studio apartments.

These beds can function as both a bed and a sofa, which makes them very efficient. Additionally, the beds can add a comfortable, unique vibe to any space.

Styling this bed might look daunting; however, it is very simple.

  1. Use stencils

These can work with a daybed made of wood and will make it stand out if you prefer using vibrant hues.


Allow your child to select the design or designs and apply the paint directly from a spray can or paintbrush. It is simple to do and will help make your little one’s daybed unique.

  1. Get decorative cushions

These items make any place comfier. Select bold designs or bright hues that can match your room and spread them out generously on your daybed.

They may end up on your floor; however, this is all right since they are a breeze to put back at sleeping time. Cushions can enhance your daybed and ensure it is more beneficial.

  1. Paint your daybed with nice colors

If your daybed’s frame is wood or metal, you can customize it by painting the bed frame. Allow your little one to pick the hue; however, carry out the work yourself unless you’re pleased to deal with any ensuing mess afterward.

Your little one can select one color or even multiple contrasting hues. You should ensure that you purchase the right paints for the kind of surface you’re working on.

Easy to wipe materials are perfect. In addition, you may want to think about a sealant on top of the paint.

  1. Use quality linens to make the bed

A daybed spread with bright colored linens provide a similar function as a throw when it comes to making the furniture stand out and making the place brighter.

If you’ve already made up your daybed with linen bed sheets, then it is also instantly beneficial for its alternative purpose as a bed.

  1. Buy quality throw pillows

Placing a throw pillows over your daybed can serve two purposes.

It can help in protecting your daybed if a friend or your child spills something on it, and it will add design and color.

It is much simpler to replace or wash a throw than cleaning the whole daybed.

These items are available in all fabrics, designs, and colors, so you and your little one can collect something that makes both of you happy.

Usually, they aren’t too costly either.

And to enhance the room some more, you can throw in some colorful floor pillows for the kids.

  1. Try decorating with stuffed animals

All kids, whether boys or girls have a collection of stuffed animals.

Usually, these items live on the bed that will mean sleep time and mornings turning out to be an unpleasant task in terms of removing all the animals and returning them once more.

The best solution is to decorate daybed with stuffed animals. They offer the best decoration and are easy to access so your little one can easily choose those that he or she would like to play with.

Its high time to setup your daybed

If you want to set your daybed up as a bed each night (or just leave it set up as a bed) a top-quality metal or wooden frame can be ideal for everyday use.

You can even consider transforming the living room into your bedroom by adding more sleeping spaces to your house.