Is Foam Or Spring Mattress Better For Toddler?

Sleep is an important ingredient for child development.

A report by the American Academy of Pediatrics advises for about 8- 16 hours of sleep depending on the age of your child.

When your child is rested, they are healthier, energized and refreshed for a new day.

This advantage equally extends to the parents. A good night’s sleep can therefore not be underestimated.

For a child, certain factors come into play when looking for the best option in terms of bedding.

Parents tend to look for qualities such as texture, support, comfort, ease of cleaning, even color.

Foam Vs spring mattress – which is best for a child?

Finding the perfect fit that accommodates all the above traits is considered the ultimate goal.

We take a look at one crucial component, possibly the most important for your child’s sleep; a mattress.

Here are the comparisons between a foam and spring mattress.

Advantages of a foam mattress

  • Foam mattress has diversity

This mattress comes with a range of features custom made to suit your child’s resting needs.

For example, other than the traditional memory foam mattress which could easily increase your baby’s temperature during sleep hours, the gel foam mattress was invented.

This gel advancement regulates the body temperature keeping your baby cool and peaceful through the night.

Another viable option would be the organic foam mattress which is mostly made up of nature friendly substances unlike the traditional ones.

This means less toxic or chemical substances for your young one to inhale while asleep.

  • Foam mattress is comfortable to sleep on

When it comes to comfort none compared to the foam mattress.

It has a unique ability to conform to your child’s body, especially if they are the kind to sleep on their side.

Its soft nature provides extreme comfort by ensuring that the spine is aligned and straight.

  • Foam mattress comes with fuller edges

Knowing that your child is safely secured in their beds is a source of relief.

The last thing you would want is waking up to your child’s cries after they have fallen off from their sleeping crib.

Foam mattresses go a long way in providing that support that firmly holds your baby in place.

  • Foam mattress helps relief back pains

According to the sleepjudge the foam mattress can act as a pain reliever.

If your child happens to complain of back pains or pressure, changing their mattress to a foam one can potentially solve the problem.

  • Cost of a foam mattress is affordable

Foam mattresses are very pocket friendly. Their prices are fair and they are also easily accessible in supermarkets. These offers come in handy for parents on a tight budget.

Pros and cons of a spring mattress

Better support

These mattresses come with thick steel coils that provide much more effective support than a foam mattress would.

They are able to handle the weight of your child and take longer periods to sag.

Spring mattress is durable

Spring mattresses still beat the foam mattress on this. The spring mattress comes with longer life spans that will serve both you and your child for a good period of time, before completely wearing out.

Foam mattresses on the other hand can quickly get too soft and sunken becoming a source of extreme discomfort.

The spring mattress comes with a hard surface

Toddlers are playful in nature and active. Sometimes too active. They can cause havoc or quickly damage fragile things. Spring mattresses have the tenacity to accommodate rough activities while still maintaining good shape.

Cost of the spring mattress

With the long life span comes a price to pay. The coil mattress is generally costly compared to foam mattresses. This may not easily work with everyone’s budget making it expensive.

Non eco-friendly mattress

Unlike foam mattresses, the coils on spring mattresses are made up of heavy metal materials that can pose a threat to your child’s health and well-being. Inhaling chemicals from these springs can overtime get toxic.

How to decide between foam and spring mattress

Each mattress type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. What matters at the end of the day is what you are looking for and what best fits your child. For some comfort may be the top most priority while for others it may be support.

Others may vouch for their child’s health safety while durability may also be the important aspect for some. These guides should lead you in deciding what mattress to buy for your child.

If your child already has a bed with good firm edges, even a mattress with less supportive edges will do. Therefore it all boils down to a balance between your child’s top most needs and of course what you can afford.

Hybrid mattress versions

Due to technological advancements by the day, hybrid versions of the two mattress types have been developed.


This incorporates the best features of the two sides to offer exemplary, out of this world sleeping experiences.

This comes as a save for parents who are unable to decide on one type or those who are looking for better options.

These mattresses give your child layers of comfort and durability all in one package. 

Key things about foam and spring mattresses

Even with a good mattress brand, things like quality, size and room for growth can dampen its usefulness if ignored.

The density of a mattress directly determines its quality and in turn durability.

If you go for a substandard density then automatically expect substandard performance regardless of the mattress brand.

The recommendation is that at least a 5 lb density will last long, while the minimum should be 4lb.

Anything less than that is likely to disappoint in a short time.

Mattress size

Your toddler needs space to move about freely while in bed. A favorable mattress size allows for that.

This can range from either a twin size, twin XL, or the full size depending on your child’s age, weight and size.

Do not go for a size that will constrict your child but pick one that will accommodate play and offer maximum room. It is a plus when your child is not only comfortable but also having fun.

Room for growth

When picking out a mattress, remember to incorporate this dynamic. It is quite uneconomical when your child speedily grows out of a quality mattress that has not exhausted its time frame.

For that reason, save yourself some coins by buying a mattress that will still serve its purpose years to come. If it is good enough, it may even come in handy for the next child.

Spring vs foam mattress – which one wins?

A mattress is one instrument in which a toddler spends a significant part of their life.

Whether you prefer the foam mattress to the spring design or vice versa, make a smart decision that will work in favor of their needs and development.