Choosing The Best Mattress For Your Kids

Sleep is one of the most essential things for the proper growth of a child.

Whether a child is as young as one year old or a teen, they need the best mattress to help them sleep well so they can develop properly and be healthy.

Therefore a parent wonders, “What am I required to look for in a mattress for my kid?” The answers are given below in this article.

The top mattresses for kids to sleep on

The first thing you need to look out for is the comfort and safety that the mattress gives. It is best to buy the baby’s crib first before purchasing the mattress.

This will enable you to know the exact size needed for the mattress. The mattress should be specifically made for children’s bed. The ideal mattress is one that fits firmly on against the crib.

It is also important to buy a new mattress for your child. Avoid buying used mattresses because you may not know about the molds and bacteria that may be growing in used mattresses.

To avoid putting your child in the risk of interacting with such, it is best to get them a totally new mattress. The best crib mattress for the environment is the Sealy Soybean mattress.

This is a crib mattress that is foam-core and ideal for your child. It is firm and supportive, having been made from natural soybeans.

Besides, it is lightweight, which makes changing the bedding quite easy. It is also waterproof and durable, ensuring that your child uses it for a long time.

There is also the Newton Wovenaire mattress, which is ideal for cleaning as it is easy to clean.

It also reduces the risk of suffocation for your child as it is firm and made of air and just a bit of polymer. It is recyclable and washable.

Another good mattress for your child is the Milliard memory foam mattress. This one is resistant to allergens such as dust mites, mold and bacteria.

It therefore reduces the chances of your child developing allergies and asthma.

Next is the Dream on Me mattress from the Carina Collection. This mattress is good for portability.

It is ideal for travel and playdates just as it is with traveling pillows. Besides, it is resistant to growth of mold, bacteria and mildew.

It is also repellent to odors. It is resilient and sturdy, and easy to clean.

Finally there is the Colgate Eco Classica three mattress, which is the best for longevity.

It is ideal if you wish to use the same mattress for your child both during their toddler and infant years.

It is easy to clean as it is light in weight.

Should a child sleep on a firm mattress or a soft one?

The best mattress for kids is one that is firm and not too soft. The reason for this is that very soft mattresses tend to sink, causing the child to sink into the mattress.

This increases the risk of the child to suffocate. It could also lead to death of an infant child through the suffocation. However, as the child progresses into older years, you should go with their preference.

How do I choose a mattress for my child?

In choosing a mattress for your child, there are many things to consider.

They include:

Selecting the right mattress size

The mattress size will be dependent on the child’s size, age and period of time during which you intend the child to use the mattress.

If shopping for a crib mattress, it is necessary to purchase the crib first and to have it ready.

Measure the size of the crib then make purchase of the mattress depending on the size of the crib.

If you are buying a mattress for a kid, you have the option of buying a twin mattress or going straight to a full mattress to give room for growth.

Price of the mattress

It is important to have set the budget for the new mattress before purchasing it. This will help you with the search as you will have fewer options.

Budgeting narrows down your search and limits you to fewer options, which saves time.

You may get tempted to go for the cheapest options available, but it is best to go for quality first. Go for a mattress that you child will use even as they progress into their teen years.

Spending more on a quality mattress may actually be good as it will save you money in the long run.

Choosing the mattress type

Having known the bed size and thus the mattress size and the amount of money you are willing to spend, the next step you are going to take is to choose the mattress type you would like for your child.

Here you have a variety to choose from including the innerspring mattress, the foam mattress, the hybrid mattress and the organic mattress.

All of these mattresses have their pros and cons therefore it is advisable to research well first before making the purchase.

Determining the right level of mattress firmness

As you choose which mattress to purchase, it is important to consider the different firmness levels of the different mattresses before you buy one for your child.

The reason is that there are mattresses which are too soft and may easily sink in over a short period of time of use, and are therefore not very durable.

Firmness is especially important in mattresses for children who are below 18 months of age. Very soft mattresses that sink could easily cause your infant to suffocate.

A good plush mattress can also be an option to provide spinal support.

Consider the mattress durability

Ensure that the mattress you purchase for your child is durable so that it can last. A good mattress can last for up to ten years.


The durability of a mattress depends on the materials that it is made of. Go for a thick foam mattress of high quality.

Another option is the latex mattress, which in most cases lasts longer than the average ordinary mattress. You can get to know about the durability of the mattress by looking at its reviews.

Now go out and buy that mattress for your kids

In conclusion, it is good to consider the best mattress for your child as per your budget.

Get them a mattress that will last long to avoid buying mattresses every now and then.

As you get a quality mattress for your child it is also prudent to buy recommended types of bed frame, bed sheets, bed pillows and bed toppers if need arises.