Best Beds For Kids You Will Want To Buy

Parents know that the needs of their child change as they mature. Actually, some transitions should be expected for the first 10 to 12 years of a child’s life because of the changes in personal development, maturity, and size.

In these modern times, kid’s bedrooms function more like a ‘playground. Additionally, kids like beds to be wonderfully made or feature a funky edge to allow them to flaunt to their friends.

In these case getting a floor pillow can go a long way to creating a room that your children will love to play in. Such spaces have become versatile spaces for children to entertain, unwind, or even do fun activities such as playing games.

How to choose the best kids bed

Before allowing your child jump into the bed, there are some things to consider as materials, construction, design, and budget used.

These might be essential since it can determine how long the bed lasts and your child’s safety while using the product. Selecting the best beds for kids is essential since the ideal bed will guarantee a great night’s sleep or even during the day.

That means your child will be rested and all set to start their learning endeavors. Without sound sleep, a child doesn’t meet their potential in school. To start with, the best mattress is an essential step in selecting the recommended beds for kids.

The children require support just as the grown-ups do, which will lead to fewer pains and aches while promoting good growth of the body. For this reason, a high-quality toddler bed with mattress might be the best option.

It’s is not right to say that children don’t require a mattress, which offers the same advantages as adult mattresses. It’s equally, if not more, essential that a child has a good mattress. As soon as the mattress is selected, then it’s time to select the bed.

  • Age of child

One primary factor is the child’s age you’re purchasing the bed for. An infant up to a toddler often sleeps in a cot while wearing a sleep bag to keep warm. However, not all cots are safe for infants.

There are some points to consider for your baby’s cot. Is it stable? You will find cots out there that function as a swing. Some people say that swaying an infant from side to side makes them sleep easily. If you’re present while doing this, then you may control the swaying speed. However, what if your little one is left alone and his older sister or brother came in and played with the baby crib?

So perhaps a fixed/non-rocking cot is a good option, particularly as they grow. Search for a cot with side railings to ensure that your child won’t fall out of the cot when they wake up or when sleeping. Cots need to be very safe environments; particularly since parents cannot be there every time and cots usually work as playpen till mom arrives.

Moving from the cot to bed often takes place between the ages 2 to three. This step is important for both child and parent since it usually means that it’s time to become a ‘big kid.’

Many positive conversation and celebration usually help this challenge to be thrilling and much expected. A good way to make this shift easy is to take your child with you to look for their ‘big bed.’

  • Style and color of the bed

When searching, selecting a style to suit your rooms and home is essential and since there’s an enormous variety of beds available for children. An easy determining factor is if the style of the bed matches existing furniture or decor.

Usually, this purchase needs a desk, chests of drawers and perhaps bedside tables or a daybed. So you might require a bed that’s part of a bedroom selection. Also, are you interested in a white toddler bed or traditional, modern or timber is some of the things that are great to determine before you visit your first outlet.

Once you are in the store, the basic choices you make about style and color, and other factors like quality and price will be another determining factor. High-quality construction is one thing that you should never compromise on.

The bed’s base should withstand your child’s weight. You would not want your child to fall through the bed while jumping vigorously. If you are intending on purchasing a bed for your child that is made of timber, ensure the wood is great quality.

It is essential that the bed you are buying is sturdy. If it’s not sturdy on the showroom floor, it might not be the right one to buy. You can gently place your hand on the bed and shake it so as to determine its sturdiness.

After all, you do not want to have to replace the bed within five years; this has to be a purchase that will last your little one right up till they leave home. So, perhaps investing a bit more money and time to buy the best beds for kids will be a good investment in the long run.

It is essential to measure the kid’s room before going and perhaps taking the layout of the room with you to show the shop owner. Positioning the bed and other furniture in the correct place will help offer a room a good feel as well as make the room’s function an easy one for your little one to use. You also have the option of getting a roll way bed.

  • Size of the bed

The other thing to consider is the size of the best beds for kids, either queen, king single, single or double size. The bed size will be based on the room size. It’s also essential to be aware that a king single is 15cm longer and 15cm wider than the single size.

It’s a good size, especially if you have tall children since it will accommodate them all through their teen years. The queen and king single beds are the same length. The double and single beds are the same length as well. But the best beds for kids sizes to consider are either the king single or single as linen in children prints are available.

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The bed you select for your little one is a vital decision. If you take your kid with you, this may be an entertaining outing for both child and parent, which assists in easing them out of their cot into a bed.

Factors to consider before purchasing bunk beds for kids

Selecting the right bunk beds for kids may be a bit more complex than purchasing other furniture for your house. When choosing a bunk bed, there are many safety concerns, and you wish to please your little one and also being pleased yourself. However, just like any furniture purchase, you need to start by figuring out your needs.

  1. Features you require

Special features, like storage, study areas, or play features like tents or slides are available, based on your child’s age and needs. For kids who love to have friends sleep over, bunk pull out beds or bunk beds with futons are a great option.

You can choose bunk beds for kids that have the features you like or purchase them as add-ons. It’s always important to get the opinion of your child and talk to him or her regarding his needs since you may be missing out on something.

  1. Figure out the bunk bed type you require

You will find lots of types of bunk beds for kids, which range from the simple twin-over-twin to complex combinations that serve different needs. Based on what you might require, many bunk beds for kids belong to two broad categories, Lofted and Basic, with lots of subcategories under each one.

For example, basic bunk beds can be purchased as twin-over-full, twin-over-twin, etc., while lofted beds for kids can have lofted bed over a study center, or lofted bed over a futon.

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You can also find designs that provide triple sleeping surfaces. These may be useful when three kids share a room, or for sleepovers.

  1. Measure your space

Bunk beds are a natural fit for compact spaces; however, they can have lots of benefits for bigger rooms, as well. Begin with measuring your space. Together with floor space, find out ceiling height, as well. You need to leave at least 2 feet of space between the ceiling and the bunk bed to prevent bumping the ceiling. While the height of bunk beds differs, the average bunk is often between five and a half to six-feet tall.

  1. Choose your style

Since bunk beds for kids are available in a wide range of styles; you have a lot to select from. You also have a selection of materials that you can choose, like all metal bed frames, all wood or a mixture of the two. There are also bunk beds in all different designs. You can choose from a design that’s more contemporary with sleek lines, or traditional designs in darker woods with detailing.

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In case you want a country or cottage style, you have lots of choices. If your little one likes a novelty or themed look, you can still get a lot to select from.

  1. Ensure its safe

Bunk bed safety is essential. Ensure that the bunk beds for kids include all the safety features like footboards, headboards, and guardrails. It’s also essential to explain to your child that it is important to follow all safety rules when they use a bunk bed.

  1. Consider the pros and cons of a ladder versus stairs

While a ladder will require less space, it’s also not as secure as a set of stairs. But most bunk beds for kids with stairs come with pullout drawers that offer extra storage. If you choose a ladder, you will find some additional factors to think of.

Are the rungs put to where your little one can easily scale them or are they too far apart?

Will this affect where you can place the bed in your room?

Is it on the side or the end?

  1. Height of the bed frame

If your little one has a bedroom with a ceiling fan or low ceilings, you certainly have to consider height. Make sure your child is able to sit up totally in the bed without knocking his or her head. You should also look at the amount of space in between the bunks. If you don’t want your kids to outgrow their new bed in a couple of years, make sure there’s lots of space to allow them to grow taller without continuously knocking their head.

  1. Find out if they can be separated into two beds

For greater flexibility, you might like a bed, which can afterward be separated into two. For instance, your children might love sharing a room now; however, this might change in the future. You might choose to shift one into a different room if possible.

If the bunk beds for kids may be separated, you won’t need to purchase a new bed. But remember that not all bunk beds look similar when separated, which might or might not be a concern you have.


Bunk beds for girls-benefits

The first benefit to having this type of bed is that your little girls will have considerably more space in the room. It is quite not the same as simply having standard beds in the room, where two beds occupy nearly the entire floor space.

When you have a single bunk bed, your girls will have plenty of room to put their bigger toys in the room, which include stuffed animals, dolls, a kitchen set, a dollhouse and a lot more. Such bunk beds for girls also feature many variations, like extra storage space, inbuilt cabinets, and ones with slides and so on.

The styles also differ to ensure that your little girls can select their preferred cartoon or movie characters for their theme. It will help the kids use and explore their imagination each time they are in the bedroom in addition to it adding visual interest.

The bunk beds for girls will also make your little girls feel closer to one another since they can talk and share regarding things. Although sharing and talking can be carried out between regular beds; however, the beds are often pretty far apart from one another, so they need to speak louder to be able to hear one another. Bunk beds for girls are also affordable.

In comparison with the price of purchasing two standard beds, purchasing a bunk bed is far cheaper. Picture how thrilled the girls will be when it’s bedtime. It may be said that getting a bunk bed is similar to having a tree house for the young girls, which they have to scale the ladder first before they get to their bed.

More thrilling, the girls can rotate who will sleep on the top and the bottom. It will get them into the routine of sharing their usual activities, learning how to take turns, and will be of importance to them as they grow up.

Selecting the best bunk bed with trundle

Selecting a good bunk bed with trundle is essential, particularly if you have 2 or 3 children that will be sharing a room. Bunk beds are good if the kids are older, and a trundle will provide you with a safe place where your child can sleep.

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Below are a few things to consider when purchasing a bunk bed with trundle:

  1. Ladder

It will allow your children to scale to the top bunk safely, and it should be snugly attached to your bed if possible screwed in to ensure that your children will not knock it down and fall off as they are attempting to climb into bed.

  1. Strong build

The bed’s joints have to all fit tightly together, and your bed has to be made with lots of supports. If a bed does not have adequate supports, it will be a lot more likely that your energetic children will break something. With sturdy joints and a lot of support for the railings and the bed, you can rest easy knowing that the bed will not break.

  1. Weight limitations

There will be a weight limitation about how much the bunk bed is able to handle, and you should include the mattresses’ weight in that limit. Ensure that the bunk beds for kids you are buying are sturdy to handle not only your children current weight, but their weight a couple of years from now.

  1. Railings

A railing is important for the little one on the top bunk since it is just the railing that will shield them from falling off the bed in their sleep. A strong railing has to withstand horseplay, although it is advisable to teach your children not to be disorderly when on their bed.

  1. Trundle storage

Purchasing a bunk bed with trundle that’s separate won’t work since there should be an ingenious small space for the trundle bed to be kept at daytime. The trundle bed has to be kept nicely, without a single one of the frame protruding from its cubbyhole in the bed. That ensures that you have no mishaps as the children play around.

  1. Quality

A high-quality bunk bed will be created using solid materials, often high-quality wood. Avoid whatever is created with particle board or another type of prefabricated wood, since it just will not be strong enough to withstand the weight up under the energetic children bouncing around.

How you can get the best loft beds for kids

In purchasing furniture for your kid’s bedroom, the first thing to consider is:

Orderliness and safety

Loft beds for kids can provide both; however, you should be cautious in selecting one for the sake of the child. Also pick beds that will make it easy to clean the room fast. The most effective way to choose a loft bed is to analyze one that is already assembled.

Position your hands on the top bunk and then attempt to shake the whole set up. It will provide you with an idea of the durability of the bed’s construction. If it is shaky or otherwise shoddily created, you should inform the owner or store owner regarding the safety risk.

You will get rid of the probability of your loved ones suffering a mishap and will also make the owner of the store more knowledgeable about the quality of the products they are selling.

If you’re displeased with the safety of beds bought online, right away notify your online furniture seller regarding the issue. You will find warranties that cover online orders, and you should not have an issue finding a replacement.

Assembling the bed

Another thing to think of is the complexity associated with assembling the beds for kids because they will not be delivered completely assembled. Before you order the bed, ask whether the furniture store has staff that will handle the bed’s assembly when it is delivered; some outlets provide this service.

Weight of children

Another essential thing to remember is the weight recommendation from manufacturers for the limit and capacity of loft beds. Ensure that you know how much your children weigh before going out and purchasing loft beds for kids. By doing this, you will be able to purchase beds that will support their weight.

It is always better to purchase high-capacity loft beds because your children will definitely increase in weight as they mature. It is also essential to think of your child’s age. Ensure that they are at an age in which they move around a lot in their sleep; you would not want them to fall off the bed while sleeping.

Similarly, make sure you inform the manufacturer regarding your kid’s age since there are extra safety features installed for very young children. You should not assume that all loft beds are made the same. If you like to purchase loft beds for kids created from tubular metal, make sure you examine their structural credibility.

They might look cool, but most are not very properly constructed. Ensure that you verify if the set is strong. There are several colors and designs to select from, so you can match the loft bed with just about any color theme in your kid’s bedroom.

Remember to also pick comforter sets that go well with the kids bed, learn more. If you are looking to offer your children with enough space to play and the best comfort while sleeping simultaneously, then you should consider getting kids beds with storage.

Space needs a huge consideration when selecting the kids beds with storage. Look not just at the amount of space there is in the room to place the bed, but also the amount of storage space you might require for clothes, toys, and other stuff.

If your little one has a compact room, and storage is a problem, you should most likely think of a bed that comes with underneath drawer storage. They may be a lifesaver when you have small spaces. They can assist in keeping things neat and organized. Going to sleep can be hard for toddlers.

Most parents hate that time of night when they attempt to get their toddler to go to sleep. Why not motivate your child to make this procedure simpler. What child does not love race cars? What child would not love a bed shaped like a race car?

Actually, there are lots of models of a race car toddler bed.

Purchasing a toddler bed

When your child gets to the age of one and a half years, it’s most likely the best time to get him or her to shift to a bed. If she’s too tall to be securely placed in a crib, the more reason there’s to get her to surrender it for a bed. While getting your little one a toddler bed might be the answer to lure her or him to leave the crib, you also have to be choosy when purchasing one.

Boys toddler bed are available in a variety of prices and designs. Some are created from plastic while others are of the wooden range. You can also find tubular steel beds, which are quite inexpensive when it comes to costs in comparison to wooden ones. To select the right toddler beds for boys, you would have to determine your needs.

While you might be lured to choose the cartoon character toddler beds, you also have to understand that you might not be able to hand down the bed of a girl to a boy and vice-versa if you have or intend to have another child later on. For instance, a pink princess bed definitely would not be ideal for a boy if that’s what you are considering for the present.

So, if you intend to use the bed for more than one kid, think of beds that are gender-neutral in nature. Wooden beds are the most effective for such a scenario. You can find wooden beds in brown or white to suit both boys and girls. The other consideration is, obviously, your budget.

You can buy cheap toddler beds for less than $60 if you’re on a limited budget or you can choose a bed that costs $200 more should you need a high-quality one, which will definitely thrill your child. Naturally, the cheap toddler beds might not last a long time since the materials used might be fragile.

Since children might like jumping on the bed, it may result in the frame to bend. So, once more, if you intend to use the bed for your future child, a more costly, but finer quality bed might be cheaper in the long run. Moreover, well-liked princess and toddler car bed might also have high resale value.

If you maintain the bed in great condition, you can most likely resell it afterward when your little one has outgrown it. For that reason, even if you think it’s a waste of money to purchase a costly boys toddler bed since it will be quickly outgrown, think of the fact that you can most likely get back part of your investment later.

Finally, when you are searching for kids beds for sale, it’s also wise to select one with enough side rails. Some rails are too short or too low that a toddler can still easily roll off the bed while sleeping. It also has to be low to the ground to ensure that any falls are unlikely to result in serious injuries. Also, being low will make it easy for the child to go up and down in the bed alone.

When to get a new bed size for your kid

When your baby gets to a specific height, it’s always wise to transition him or her from the crib to a bed. The reason is the high risk of your baby jumping, climbing or falling out of the crib. But most parents as well find it hard to determine if they need to allow their child graduate directly to a twin bed or should they begin with a small toddler bed. If you’re questioning what you need to do, think of the following factors when deciding:

1.Practicality of the bed

Many parents are hesitant to purchase a small toddler bed due to the temporary nature of its usage. Often, toddler beds may only be used until the child attains the age of 5. Taking into consideration, you would need to analyze your child’s physical size when you decide to buy.

Should you suspect that your little one will quickly outgrow a small toddler bed, then you may prefer to purchase a grownup bed instead. Or else, you would need to purchase another one sooner than you expect.

To sum up, whether you purchase a toddler bed, always bear in mind safety concerns. Different children grow at a different rate, and as a parent, you will be the best judge of the kind of bed best suited for your child.

2. Freedom of movement on the bed

You should remember that a grownup bed is higher from the floor. If your child has not attained a height or acquired the ability to climb on and off a twin bed alone, you will be better off with a small toddler bed.

This type of a bed is low to the floor, and a baby can easily climb on and off it without a lot of trouble. Since different beds have different heights, look at this factor before you purchase one for your toddler.

3. Willingness to take up a new bed

Not every child finds it simple to move from the crib to a bed. Some children undergo the transition without a bother whilst others will put up a show-down to keep their crib. If your baby shows signs of being hesitant to move to a big bed, then you may prefer to begin with a small toddler bed first.

There are lots of adorable toddler bed styles that attract children of that age group. This might greatly assist in assisting your son or daughter to make the transition.

4. Bed rails for safety of your child

Many toddlers need a bed that’s “boxed” in. It is to stop them from rolling off the bed because they have yet to grow the ability to remain within the bed restrictions while sleeping. Toddler beds feature inbuilt bed rails that keep them secure and safe.

Twin beds for girls are important

Certainly, the essential piece of furniture in the bedroom of your child is their bed. In most cases, children will sleep in their own twin bed. It’s astonishing though, how many kids do not have their kid’s sized twin bed but rather have to use an adult-sized bed.

There are many reasons why twin beds for girls are essential particularly for younger girls. For young girls, it is essential for them to feel safe in their sleeping quarters and especially, in their bed while asleep.

Research has shown that kids who sleep in twin beds are considerably more prone to get the best sleep at night. Because of this alone, ensuring your child has their own best bed for kids is essential. You should not be enticed to choose the easy option and simply allow them to sleep in a grownup-sized when they’re still small.

The primary reason this takes place is that most parents will assume that they will grow into it in due course. This is true, but it will not be until their late teens that they’ll have grown into it. This implies that while they are still small, you need to ensure they have the right sized bed to sleep in.

If you are concerned about cost, then you should not be since there are lots of twin beds for girls available online. They are simply no frills, normal sized designs and they are amazingly affordable.

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If you have got a lot to spend though, you can get many terrific models that your kids will be pleased about even more. The most common twin beds for girls are the many types of princess beds available in the market. These are great for young girls.

Another choice that some parents opt for is to actually cut back on the bed after which use that money to buy some truly wonderful children bedding instead. There are many great choices with regards to kids bedding, which ensure it is possible to turn even the simplest bed into something your little one will love.

The benefits of children single beds

Single beds are the commonest kind of bed that parents choose for their kids. Apart from the appealing designs that single beds provide, it also fits the bedroom of a child perfectly. If you search online, you will see many different designs of single beds.

The cost of these beds differs from inexpensive to high-class, which gives you an array of options with regards to offering the best bed for your little one. When choosing children’s single beds, you should choose an over-sized bed.

It will help you save money and time since you will not need to search for another bed at any time your child does not fit on it any longer. It is also very easy to clean the mattress because of the bed size and clean the room too.

Room size

With regards to selecting the furniture size, the essential thing that you should think of is the room’s size where you will be positioning it. Ensure that the child will have plenty of space to play comfortably. A room is an area where your child stays quite often, and you should ensure that he or she feels comfortable while in the room.


Apart from this, it is possible to customize a bed by choosing differently themed mattresses. Themed beds are very costly in comparison to singles, and you’re stuck with a single design. If you select a boys single bed, then you may easily change the bed’s theme by changing the mattress. This might also help you save a lot since you do not need to buy different beds at any time the theme does not suit your child any longer.


Another benefit is having children’s beds with storage underneath. This helps you save space, particularly if the room of your little one just has small space. This storage may be used to store your child’s toys.

Apart from this, you may also make savings since you do not need to purchase separate storage simply to have an area where your child can store toys. There are many benefits that a bed provides. Get more insights here.

If you would like to find out more about single beds, you can look online and get more information about this kind of bed. You can even go to a local store to check what single beds can provide for your child. Trying to get a child to stay in their bed is perhaps the most challenging things to achieve.

Contrary to a crib, their new bed permits them to get up as they wish. But it is possible to make the process easier on them and yourself if you give them a wooden toddler bed they love. Consider how great it might be for your little girl to drift off in a princess bed or your little boy in a fire engine bed.

Before heading out and buying the first one you come across, do some research. Is the seller reliable? Are they recognized for quality products?

The point is, if you select one made of quality, it will be used for a lot of generations rather than just the few short years your own kid will be in it.

Whether the child is a little boy dreaming of becoming a firefighter or your little girl who loves to act as if she is the princess in her own castle, you can motivate their imagination more by selecting a quality wooden toddler bed in a design that will match their needs. Furthermore, you can find this bed will also motivate them to stay in it and, in fact, get some quality sleep.

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