Advantages Of Having A Fold Up Mattress

Fold up mattresses are one of the greatest inventions the industry can boast of. This is a type of mattress that’s easily folded for storage or transportation.

It is the ideal solution if you have limited space in your home or for a temporary occasion.

These mattresses come with a metal frame and handle making them portable. This means you can use them anywhere and transform them for various uses.

No matter what you use it for, fold up mattresses will still provide the comfort you need. There is another type of folding mattress that is exclusive for the indoors and not transportable.

They are accessible in three sizes; small, medium, and large, depending on your home’s available space. During the daytime, you can push the bed to the wall and unfold them during the night.

Others can even substitute sofas when folded and save up on space. The designing of fold away mattresses makes it versatile, and you can enjoy many benefits from one mattress.

It is crystal clear by now that fold up mattresses have multiple benefits to your home and lifestyle. We shall feature more of the advantages that you can enjoy from purchasing a foldable mattress.

Compact and saves on space

Home space is a luxury in contemporary society. The feeling of being able to move freely in your home is exquisite. It is your best solution, especially if you love minimal things in your home.

For temporary living areas like rented homes, hostels, apartments, condos, or even homes with little space, opting for a fold up mattress is the best alternative compared to the huge traditional mattresses.

Just like sleeping bags, foldable bags are collapsible and can decrease two to three times smaller, hence saving on space. Furthermore, they are portable and transportable to another area in the house when not in use.

If it’s a permanent home, you can get a spring bed to fold up and push towards the wall when not needed.

Extra comfort and support

The foam used to manufacture fold up mattresses guarantees a high level of comfort and support.

The foam is usually thick to offer extra back support and firmness, unlike the thin type of mattresses.

Perfect for sleepovers and traveling

For one-night sleepovers, you need not a huge traditional bed. A fold away mattress can be ideal for such occasions, especially for teenagers.

It is also convenient for traveling as you can fold it to a small size that can fit in the car for a peaceful, comfortable sleep.


They are useful for a variety of purposes. You can transform it into a sofa during the day and use it as a bed for the night.

It can also be a substitute for dining sofas in case of an extra guest for dinner. In addition, as stated, it can be useful during travel adventures, road trips, and even camping.

They are also used as playing cushions for kids as they come in varying bed sizes.

Affordable and Cheaper

Regular foam or innerspring mattresses cost around $300-$1,000. Fold up the mattress are a cheaper option; you may even get one as low as $50.

It is not as sturdy and resilient as a traditional mattress, but it is still a convenient option. Aside from being cheaper, its maintenance is pretty much low as well.

Further, they cut on transport costs as you can carry the mattress yourself. You can also use it as a chair and save the cost of buying extra chairs.


Fold away mattresses are easily folded and carried when going to the beach, camping, picnics, and setting inside tents. Actually they work the same way as sleeping bags. You can get a peaceful rest in some of the most uncomfortable places.

Ideal for visitors and small children

Fold away mattresses are convenient for kids as it can be a substitute for a playing mat. Moreover, it’s secure compared to placing them on high beds where they could fall off.

You can also use it for guests instead of buying a permanent bed that is hardly in use hence taking up space.

It can also be a couch for a daytime guest.

In a nutshell, foldable mattresses enables you to maximize your home space for other things.

Easy to assemble

Since fold away bags are portable; they are easy to assemble. The mattress contains a clasp that holds the folded part strongly without opening it.

Further, it has wheels to aid in mobility. To use it, open the clasp and spread it wherever you want to use it. To enforce stability, some beds have a lock on the foldable legs.

The spring beds used are easy to push to the wall due to their lightweight. In minutes, you can turn your living room into a bedroom and vice versa.

Are fold away mattresses comfortable?

Fold away mattresses are not only foldable but also comfortable.

With good quality foam as the only manufacturing material, it is an indisputable fact that fold away mattresses provide the stipulated comfort.

The degree of comfort may vary from the type of mattress you purchase, but each offers its own comfort level.

Moreover, the standard thickness of a fold up mattress is 4- inch, which is good enough to offer support and comfort.

Foam and thickness are essential in providing body comfort when you lay on the mattress. Some of the benefits of foam explain the comfort you get from fold away mattresses.

These benefits are inclusive of;

Comfort and support

Foam mattresses adjust itself according to your body shape. This allows for the spine’s alignment for full support and comfort. This level of comfort gives you the feeling that the mattress was specifically made for you.

Pressure relief and Joint pain relief

Foam, to be specific, memory foam mattresses distribute your body weight evenly. This will help to minimize pressure on the heavy body parts.

For this reason, it aids in relieving body pains and joints for a peaceful, comfortable sleep.

You do not require a pillow for head support and comfort as these mattresses got you covered. Further, it eases blood circulation throughout the body as you rest.


Minimizes movements

This is important for those who share a bed. Since a foam mattress conforms to your body weight, it prevents you from disturbance when your partner is tossing and turning in bed. You can have a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Prevents mattress sagging

The mattress’ foam and thickness make it firm to support even heavyweights without sagging; hence you assured of a longer period of comfort.

Fold away mattresses are the ultimate option for comfort. This feature makes it ideal for its multiple uses.

All you need is to select the right size for you, one to suit your needs and consider your home space, too, for a fantastic experience!