Kolcraft Crib Pediatric 800 Mattress – Detailed Review

Who doesn’t want their cute little one to sleep well?

The alternative to a well-rested baby is a cranky baby, and who wants that?

The well being of your baby cannot be separated from how well they sleep. When they are young especially, good sleep is not anything we can bargain about.

A well-rested baby will feed well, be happier when they are not sleeping, and will easily spread good moods in your home. The opposite is also true.

If your baby does not sleep well, they will have trouble feeding well, they will be cranky and fussy all through, and they will fill your home with not-so-good moods!

That is why when our little one was born; I went to the shops to see what mattress would best work for her. We already had a crib for her, we needed a mattress to serve along.

I did my first purchase of our little angel’s mattress, and there were reasons why I chose, at that point, the Kolcraft Crib Mattress.

First, it felt firm, it had a great price tag (who doesn’t love discounts?), and it felt like it would be a great surface to wipe too. Excited about my first purchase, I gladly carried it home.

I could almost visualize everyone else congratulating me for doing a great job with the purchase. I silently gave myself a pat on the back. However, when I unpackaged it from its bag, all the excitement went down the drain.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I unpackaged it, is the off gassing it let out. We let it air out for some days, and even then, it still had some odor on the surface.

That is far from what I wanted for my little daughter. Using protectors and sheets to solve the odor issue was not helping.

The second thing that I noticed as soon as I put the mattress on the crib, is that it was not as firm as I had anticipated. I needed a product I would comfortably trust with my daughter’s back.

Those reasons made me decide that my daughter was not going to sleep on the mattress. I had to go out again, and look for other mattress options.

What is Kolcraft Mattress made of?

The Kolcraft Crib Mattress is made of an innerspring 80-coil material. It consists of a cushion layer made from hypoallergenic materials.

Its cover is Perma-Dry water proof. It comes with the Gold Greenguard Certification.

Are those specs not good enough for my daughter?

Well, breaking down the specs, it means the mattress has a simple coil system, with a light cushion on top. The cover has a plastic feeling, and it is waterproof.

The plastic feel makes it easy to clean, and keeps it from absorbing any moisture. However, the material may be a little warm for your baby’s back, because it is not very breathable.

Is Kolcraft Crib Pediatric 800 Mattress comfortable?

The mattress did not feel as firm as I had wished for, when I put it on the kids bed. However, I realize that the crib platform may have contributed to that outcome.

The crib had a springy platform. Perhaps it would do better on a more firm, solid platform. It can also be ideal if you do not intend to use it for a long time.

Apart from the fact that the mattress did not satisfy me in how firm it should have been, I had another concern.

The mattress did not feel like it had enough material separating the coil system from the top surface.

That would mean, after sometime, one would be able to feel the coil from beneath the plastic cover. That would mean hurting the precious one’s back as they slept.

Best price of Kolcraft Crib Pediatric Mattress

After unpackaging the mattress, I felt that the price tag was a statement in itself. It resounded the common phrase-that one gets what they pay for.

The price tag is appealing, in the sense that it is tagged on a product that is appealing when you first see it. However, when you unpackage it, you realize that it is not what you would gift your baby with.

The fact that your baby will be spending over half of their day- everyday- on that mattress, makes it even more alarming. You do not want to introduce back issues you could gladly avoid.

As a first time-parent especially, you may not be too sure what to pick for your baby and what to leave out.

When it comes to a good mattress, you would need one that is breathable, firm enough and one that is odorless.

However, if you do not have a budget higher that what this mattress goes for, you can use it to start with. We can easily say, the mattress is okay for that price. However, if you can afford a little more, it would be advisable to get an alternative.

If you decide to go by the mattress, you can try it on a firm surface and see how it goes. From my experience, I ended up going for the Sealy Premier mattress.

It is dual sided, fits on the crib and served me just fine. I added some $80 above what the Kolcraft Crib Mattress cost me. However, I was happier with my second purchase, and it gave me what I needed for my daughter.

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When all is said and done, what you want is a happy, healthy, well-rested baby. When you get to the market, get a product that is well tested for firmness.

Check that it has a cover reinforced for durability. You will also need to change sheets so often, so get a mattress that is lightweight, you don’t want to break your back in the process!

Confirm that the mattress is non-toxic, be ensuring it does not have antimony, lead, or other poisonous products.

Ensure that the mattress is also certified by GoldGuard, their standard check ensures that your child has a safe indoor environment.

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