Hospitality Rollaway Bed – Is It Worth It?

Whether you are in the comfort of your cozy home, or out on vocation, or even visiting family or friends, one thing remains; the need to sleep well.

We naturally become happier, healthier and more productive when we sleep better. We also relate with people better when our bodies are refreshed after proper rest.

You do not want to be the cranky one around jovial people! Its therefore critical to invest in anything that can make you enjoy your sleep.

In that case, the bed you sleep on, becomes one of the most significant assets in your home.

On the other hand, when you are the host, nothing beats the satisfaction of having guests sleep comfortably in your space. If they can visit and enjoy their sleep while at it, it is worth

You may however be limited by lack of sufficient space to host your guests, and that is why we are here. Our intention is to bring to your attention, the hospitality rollaway bed.

With this bed, you get the luxury of attaining a comfortable mattress, and you right away earn yourself or your guests a great sleeping experience.

This bed will give you a better option than letting your guests sleep on the coach or the sofa bed.

Review of the hospitality rollway bed

  • The bed supports a mattress height of 6 inches.
  • It is made of angled steel
  • It supports a tufted innerspring mattress, which is a superb quality.
  • It has a weight of 75lbs
  • Its size in inches cubed is 39 by 75 by 22.75
  • What is more is that it comes with a lifetime warranty

Why should you invest in the hospitality rollaway bed?

  • Amazing comfort and durability

The first thing you will notice about this bed is its tufted mattress. You can trust a product user to tell you how a product feels in relation to bed height and stability.

This mattress has received amazing user feedback, and has been rated as quite comfortable. Whether you get it for personal use or for your guests, the comfort is guaranteed.

If you move a lot in bed, you may need to get a bungee cord, and use it to tie the bed down.

The mattress uses a technology known as Active Support; a design that allows a mattress to respond seamlessly to your body movements. This technology is advanced enough to accommodate every individual’s contours.

It has tempered coils that which are active and adjust accordingly, responding to your body movements in your sleep. When you apply body weight on the coils, they in response get firmer.

This is critical because it helps minimize discomforts on any parts of your body as you sleep.

The angled steel, which is double braced, plus the tufted mattress make the bed very durable just as a bed topper.

All its parts are heavy duty, and you will not have to worry about durability. Its wheels are also designed to be as sturdy as the rest of the bed.

They are such that they can withstand the tear and wear that would otherwise result from moving the bed around.

  • Easily portable of hospitality foldaway bed

Do not let the thought that the bed could be difficult to maneuver even cross your mind.

Even though it takes a heavy mattress, is made of angled steel, its weight of 75lbs makes it very easy to maneuver around.

It comes with a pair of wheels in the diameters of 8 and 5 inches each. The wheels make it easy to navigate the bed, even on a rough terrain.

  • Easy to setup the foldable bed

The essence of investing in a rollaway bed is to have a bed that is easy to set it up. You would need a bed that is easily rolled out for assembly.

It should also give you the benefit of rolling it away for storage. Once you open the bed, and lay it lowered flat, the head and footer of the bed automatically aligns and lowers as well.

The angled steel frame makes it very easy to setup the bed. It also comes with a feature to allow automatic opening of the leg.

The feature will spare you the hassle that comes with setting up a folding bed. You can actually have one person easily assembling and setting it down without a fuss.

  • Hospitality bed is safe to use

When the legs are in their proper positioning, stability and safety of use of the bed is guaranteed.

If you are dealing with uneven ground, you do not have to be troubled about the safety of use of the bed. The bed is structured to comfortably handle such a floor without risking you.

  • The bed saves space

Enough floor space for yourself is not something you can compromise. You need more space to implement your creative décor ideas, allow space for your children to play and dance, and more space to just enjoy an airy room.

This is exactly what the rollaway bed will give you. When you fold it after use, it takes up a very small storage space, leaving the rest for you.

We are living in a fast-paced world. Sometimes you do not have the time to fix the bed after use.

The rollaway bed will serve you just right. You do not need to fix it in the morning when you wake up. You simply roll it away and go about your business.


Even though the bed can be expensive, compared to other bed rates in the market, it is worth every coin.

The design of the bed keeps you from waking up with body aches, ensuring your sleep is healthy and uninterrupted. There are different brands available in the market for the rollaway bed.

You only need to research to get yourself a rollaway bed that is comfortable for you. When you think of a bed that is compact, affordable, portable, and comfortable, think of the rollaway bed.

It is no longer the traditional bed that would only come in when one was in a desperate need to host guests.

The bed has gladly advanced through technology, making it desirable for everyone. You will find it in use in hotels, hospitals, camping sites, and yes, even in homes.