Is A Double Bed Same As A Queen Size?

At times, some people associate a queen size bed with a double bed. But these two beds have different sizes.

A queen bed size is way larger than a double bed. Popularly known as a full-sized bed, a double bed measures 54 by 75 inches.

Based on these measurements, a double bed can accommodate two people. In fact, the majority of resorts and guest rooms use these beds.

On the other hand, a queen size bed measures 60 by 80 inches. Since this bed is more massive, most couples love it.

Moreover, single sleepers who love extra space and have large rooms prefer the queen bed to the double bed.

This article looks at a more detailed analysis of the differences between the queen bed and a double bed.

Measurements of double bed size and a queen bed size

As seen above, the double bed size is way smaller than the queen bed size. Due to this, it is much more affordable than the queen size.

The double bed size offers maximum comfort for single sleepers. So, if you just moved into your apartment, a queen bed is your best alternative.

Besides, it provides convenience while moving. It is not as bulky as the queen bed. Thus, it offers easy transportation.

The queen bed, on the flip side, is the most popular option among couples. The bed is large enough to accommodate two people and still leave extra space. However, you ought to have a large room of not less than ten by 12 feet when purchasing this bed.

Before buying the queen bed, you need to always counter check your room measurements. Once you present these measurements to your manufacturer, they advise you on the best alternative to buy.

Other sizes of double beds and queen beds

In normal circumstances, bed size comparison is often done with the standard measurements. But there are different categories of both the queen bed and the double beds.

They include:

Double XL bed size

The double XL bed size is a slightly different version of the standard double bed. It has the same width but is 5 inches longer. So, it’s length matches a standard queen bed.

The double XL is excellent if you are a tall single sleeper and have extra space in your bedroom.

Therefore, if you are working under a fixed budget and need a more massive bed, the double XL would be your ideal option.

Olympic queen bed

One type of queen bed is the Olympic version. These beds measure 66 by 80 inches. Basically, they are more comprehensive than the standard queen bed.

So, if you want extra width on your bed, the Olympic queen is perfect for you. Also, the Olympic queen is suitable for couples with a heavyweight.

Split queen bed mattress

As the name suggests, the split queen mattress incorporates two separate beds. It has the same measurements as the standard queen bed. But since it has two divided beds, the width of one bed is 30 inches wide.

The majority of guest rooms and hotels use this mattress. It is ideal for people who want to sleep in the same room but in different beds. It could be siblings or a parent and a child. Moreover, these beds are flexible since they can enter smaller room sizes.

California queen beds

California queen beds measure 60 by 84 inches. They are ideal for exceptionally tall people. Also, homeowners with large bedrooms prefer this bed. It is much larger than the double bed and is a good alternative for couples.

Pro and cons of both double vs queen bed

From the dimensions seen above, a double bed is perfect for smaller spaces. Furthermore, they leave room for movement.

Due to their medium size, double beds are a good option for children transitioning into their teenage years. You can upgrade your 11-year-old from a twin bed to a double bed.

They will undoubtedly enjoy the extra space and comfort. Single sleepers who are starting life will also find the double bed an excellent and convenient option.

As much as individuals think that a double size bed is not suitable for couples, it could work for couples with low weight. In fact, they can have a restful sleep in a double bed.

However, if the couple loves extra personal space, they will be better off with a queen bed. A double bed is also preferable for people looking for a temporary mattress solution.

If you don’t have the money to buy a king-size bed at the moment, a double bed is a good alternative for you. It provides maximum benefits for the time being before you purchase your dream bed size.

The costs of the beds

Since the queen bed is larger than the double bed, it is pricier. The size and its bulky nature basically explain the high price of a queen bed. Moreover, purchasing bed accessories for queen beds is more costly.

Even though some manufacturers may be cheaper, the price for a queen bed is generally higher. On the other hand, double bed accessories are more inexpensive and also easy to find.

Popularity of the bed

Although the double bed is more expensive, the majority of individuals love it. According to previous statistics in the United States, the queen bed has the highest popularity.

Both single and active sleepers love the queen bed due to its extra space. Moreover, the queen bed is cheaper than the king-size bed so are the mattress sizes.

As a result, it is a good alternative for the king-size bed, especially where the bedroom space is not enough.


The bottom line

It is now evident that the double bed is not a queen-size bed. These beds have significant differences.

They vary in prices and accommodate different types of people. So, their users always have additional requirements.

Couples highly prefer Queen beds. On the other hand, double beds are best for single and active sleepers.

With all that information, always buy a bed size that matches your budget and requirements. Also, look at the long term benefits for each bed. Buy a bed size that offers value for money.

Upon purchase, always consult your manufacturer on the best bed height and size that matches all your needs.