How Wide Is A Full Size Bed?

Commonly known as double beds, full-size beds are popular among single sleepers and teenagers. A good example of a bed that comes in full size is a Thuma bed design. These beds provide adequate space for active sleepers to turn and toss through the night.

Unlike a king and California size bed, a double bed can fit in most standard rooms, measuring ten by 10 feet. Besides, the double bed is cost-efficient. Thus, it works well for people who have a tight budget.

Due to their less bulky nature, they are ideal for people who continuously move houses. Furthermore, the bed can accommodate two people. Most hotels and guest rooms use it in a room of two people.

Dimensions of a Full-Size Mattress

Double beds are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Thus, they are bigger than a twin bed but smaller than a queen bed. Hence, most people refer to them as a mid-level bed.

Their size makes them perfect for children entering their teenage years and solo adult sleepers. The bed would be a good alternative to the twin size. They provide comfort and restful sleep. In turn, they boost an individual’s overall health.

Personal area

A double bed size provides a private space of 27 inches. So, if you sleep with your partner, you may feel squeezed. The bed won’t offer extra personal space like the king or queen beds.

But at times, couples go for a full-size bed because they have limited space. You and your partner can still fit in a full-size bed. But you may not be comfortable. That’s why many couples prefer the queen bed.

Other versions of the full size

As mentioned above, the standard full size measures 54 by 75 inches. Nowadays, there are other types of double beds. So, when looking for a mattress, consider these variations. One version of the full-size bed is the Full XL.

The Full XL is slightly lengthier than the standard bed. It measures 54 by 80 inches. Thus, if you feel you are too tall for the double bed size, this might be a good option for you. But note that they require more room space.

So, always measure your room size before purchasing the double XL. Occasionally, it can be challenging to find the full XL since not many manufacturers sell them. Likewise, the accessories for this bed are also hard to find. So, their accessories can be a bit pricey.

Also, the standard full-size accessories will not fit on the full XL bed size properly. They are 5 inches longer than the full-size bed, so using the standard size sheets or duvets is not a good option.

Comparison of the full-size mattress with other options

Besides the double bed, there are other types of bed sizes today. They include the queen bed, twin bed, king bed, and California king. Typically, the full-size mattress only differs with the twin size in terms of width.

The double bed has more width, thus requires a larger room to fit in. However, in normal circumstances, the twin and full-size bed can fit in same-sized rooms of 10 by 12 feet. When you place either of these beds in such rooms, you need not worry about extra space for movement.

Another bed size type is the twin XL. These beds are a larger version of the twin bed since they are 80 inches long. Thus, they are 5 inches lengthier than the full-size bed. But they are not as wide as the double size bed.

As a result, the twin XL accommodates taller people. So, at the end of the day, it all depends on what you want. If you want a more comprehensive bed option, the double bed would be a good option.

The majority of couples prefer the queen bed due to the extra space it offers. Also, couples with larger rooms tend to go for the king or California bed. However, these big beds always consume too much space. So, they may be suitable for large master bedrooms.

Moreover, it would be best to buy them when you have moved to a permanent location due to their bulky nature. In terms of cost, the double bed has the most standard price compared to other mattresses.

A queen size is more costly due to the size, while a twin size is less costly. So, depending on the quality, the full-size bed can cost approximately $500 to $2500. Of course, the more the quality, the more costly your full-size bed will cost.

On the flip side, a king-size bed can go up to $3000. Keep in mind that these beds’ bed accessories will also be more expensive, from king size duvets to bed sheets.

Why go for a full-size mattress?

Over the years, the popularity of double mattresses has been on the rise. One of the brands to go for is the Tulo mattress.

In the mid-90s, homeowners desired much larger beds that could accommodate more capacity. So, several people invented the double size bed.

Afterward, a much larger version, the queen bed came to being. Each of these beds carries its advantages and disadvantages. But let’s look at the reasons you should consider purchasing a full-size bed.

Full size bed is best for small spaces

One of the benefits of double beds is that they can fit most standard spaces. Unlike king and California beds, which need a lot of space, the double bed can be a good alternative if you have rooms slightly less than ten by 10 feet.

These beds also allow you to spice up your interior decor by adding furniture, among other home accessories. It also leaves space for moving around the room freely. With double beds, you need not worry about giving up too much of your bedroom space.

Full size mattress is highly flexible

Double size beds are less bulky and offer an easy time during transportation. They also meet a wide range of requirements. They can accommodate couples, teenagers, single sleepers, and even children. They are also used in guest rooms and hotels. Due to their wide popularity, most manufacturers have their accessories.

Full size bed is cost-efficient

Double beds are best for people working under a fixed budget. They are less costly than California and king size beds. Their accessories are also affordable, and you can find them in almost any retailer.

In summary

Ultimately, a double bed offers the ideal width for single sleepers and couples as well. They are well known to fit in smaller spaces. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and suitable bed size option, consider buying a full-size bed.