Mattress Topper Types That You Need To Know About

There are many types of bed toppers available for purchase. The following is a review of the most common types.

Kinds of mattress toppers in the market today

Here is an overview ideal bed toppers available in the market.

Serta mattress toppers review

Serta is a brand known worldwide for its mattresses. Besides, they also produce and sell top of the range mattress toppers set to transform your beds into comfortable havens.

They make two types of toppers; the Sertapedic Down alternative pad and the Serta smart defense pad. The Down alternative pad adds a pillowy feel to your bed while the Serta smart defense is designed to be hypoallergenic.

In terms of material, both of these toppers are padded using top of the line polyester. Polyester is comfortable and adds a plush feel to your bed at a much more affordable cost than its memory foam counterparts.

Regarding firmness, Serta sleeping pads are not very ideal. They are too soft and you will sink into them. Your spine may not be well cradled and so if you seek pain relief, turn away from this product.

Toppers by Serta are ideal for anyone who wishes to have extra pudding on their firm beds and are not necessarily looking for extra support.

Mamadoo kids bed toppers

The Mamadoo topper is an excellent bed topper for your kid’s bed and even playpen. Made from high-density foam, it provides a firm yet comfortable sleeping space for your little one.

The topper also comes with a removable machine washable cover made of soft cotton. This ensures that you can always keep the topper nice and clean.

The topper is foldable thus will work very well on a foldable bed, comes with a carrier bag and a storage bag. As such it is a very convenient product to have if you have a baby.

Woolen mattress topper for crib

Sleeping surfaces for babies need to be warm, comfortable, and free from dust and other allergens. This particular mattress topper promises to give you this and more.

It is padded with wool. Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, resistant to dust, dust mites, and bacteria. By laying your baby on such a surface you are sure that health will not be compromised. The topper creates a warm surface and your baby will never be cold.

Cooling mattress pad from Costco

You needn’t spend tons of cash replacing a worn-out mattress. Instead, you can spend a small amount to buy a sleeping pad and then save the rest. Costco is determined to give its clients the best deals.

Their cooling mattress pad is sure to revolutionize sleep and give you value for your money. It has 3 layers of air engineered foam. The foam is aerated to enhance air circulation and maintain a cool sleeping surface for you all night long.

It conforms to your unique body shape, enhances pressure relief, and ensures that you have the deepest, relaxed, and soundest sleep. With this product, your old mattress is bound to feel new in exchange for a very minuscule price.

Cool wave mattress topper

Cool wave topper is made specifically for anyone who gets uncomfortably hot in bed. They are made with a graphite infusion that takes heat away from your body, leaving you cool and comfortable. The surface is designed with a wave pattern that offers additional support to your frame.

Dreamfinity mattress topper with cooling feature

This product has two layers to ensure that you sleep as comfortable as can be. The top layer is made with Dreamfinity cooling technology. This ensures that the surface remains cool to the touch.

The second layer is the base layer, which is made of memory foam. Memory foam is wonderful since it offers unparalleled support and comfort. It cradles your neck, shoulders, hips, and back reducing stress and pressure on these particular areas of your body, ensuring you get the best sleep ever.

The big one memory foam topper infused with blue gel

Memory foam and blue gel are a match made in heaven. Memory foam is responsible the plush feel while blue gel gives your support and keeps your sleeping surface cool.

By purchasing this product that is what you exactly get, a cool snugly sleeping surface. Additionally, this topper is designed in the shape of an egg crate. The surface is convoluted.

This is ideal for a person who suffers from backaches and general body aches. The ‘egg crate’ surface adds to the entire support feature.

Geo incline topper by Beautyrest

This is a supportive topper built with an incline. At the head area, it is 5 inches thick and at the feet, it is 1.5 inches. It keeps your torso elevated. Sleeping in such a position aids in breathing, reducing congestion in the sinuses, and generally gives you a much better sleep.

Queen size mattress topper by Novafoam

This product is made from memory foam mattress. Memory foam has an almost equal share in its advantages and disadvantages. Though it is quite a comfortable surface to sleep, ready yourself to contend with getting hot and sweaty.

The foam tends to retain heat and may not be ideal to sleep on in the hot summer months. But fear not, Novafoam provides you with a mattress topper on which you will always be comfy.

The memory foam used for this topper is designed with open cell technology. It is well aerated and as such remains cool throughout the night.

Novafoam twin mattress

Made from viscoelastic foam, this mattress is a shoo-in. Viscoelastic foam, which is popularly known as memory foam, is an ideal bedding material. It easily compresses under a person’s weight, conforms to your frame, and is generally a comfy surface for you to snuggle onto.

The foam is well ventilated and thus you need not worry about getting too warm. However, the mattress has a very toxic chemical smell. The smell is supposed to dissipate in at most 48 hours but be ready to put up with it within this time.

Microgel mattress topper by Sleep solutions

This topper is formulated to be breathable and soft. An ideal product if your only wish is to add comfort to your bed. The topper has numerous pockets within it filled with microgel. The gel offers you extra support not to mention keeps you cool the entire night.

Memory foam topper with bamboo and charcoal by Lucid

Lucid prides itself on making high-quality products for your bedroom. This particular product has all the benefits of foam and more. Above the usual benefits such as contouring your body to eliminate pressure points, the foam is infused with bamboo and charcoal.

These two substances are known to dispel bad odors leaving your mattress and bedroom in general smelling fresh. Thus, this product comes with all the goodies of foam, with a bonus.