Why You Need To Buy A Rollaway Bed

Imagine having a bed that could be folded in half, rolled into a closet and kept there until whenever it was needed?

Crazy right. You need not imagine any more! What you should do is to get yourself a rollaway bed.

A rollaway bed is essentially a bed like any other. It consists of a metal bed frame and a mattress. Unlike a regular bed however, the metallic frame is designed to fold in half.

It is also fitted with caster wheels in its middle section to facilitate rolling the bed in and out of places.

Rollaway beds are a life saver if you are into entertaining guests for sleep overs at your house. There are only gains to reap with this bed. They are much more cost-effective compared to regular beds.

Secondly, they take up very little space, are as comfortable as any other regular bed, sturdy, durable and when your guest leave, you need only fold it up, roll it into the closet and store it until you need it.

Why buy one?

If you have not yet been convinced on what a good product this is, the following advantageous features might sway your choice:


The rollaway bed is designed to be movable. Weighing under 30-35 pounds, you can easily carry this bed around in your own arms without breaking a sweat.

I may be exaggerating, but still, 30 pounds isn’t all that heavy. You could enlist the help of a friend whenever you need to move the bed.

Have in mind that the 30 pounds is the combined weight of both the metal bed frame and the mattress.

What’s even better is the fact that the metal frame comes fitted with caster wheels. Once folded, you can simply push the bed along on the wheels into storage.


Everyone living in a city area knows how small and cramped apartment spaces can be.

To make your living area habitable, you not only have to be mindful of the furniture pieces you put in your space but also creative in how you organize them.

The pieces need to look good. They must be multi-functional and most importantly save space. A rollaway mattress bed ticks all these boxes.

With the right duvet, sheets and throw pillows, you can turn a drab-looking rollaway bed into one fit for a king. The folding feature makes it a great space saver.

During the day, you can fold the bed and hide it away in a closet and only comes out at night when you need it. With it, you get to save space and increase the functionality of your apartment.

Fold away bed is affordable

A bed is an investment. An investment is never cheap. Regular beds will cost your arms and legs!

If you simply do not have the money to spend on an extra bed, consider a rollaway bed. Their make is simple and straightforward, and therefore will only spend a modicum of the amount.

We recommend a Linon Luxor fold away bed as one of the best. Furthermore, it comes with a quality Viscoelastic memory foam mattress.

Where can you use one?

A rollaway bed is useful in various places and in various scenarios. It is an ideal purchase for anyone moving in to the first apartment because of its affordability. You can use the bed to accommodate guests in your home or even on camping trips.

Rolling twin bed

Twin beds are ideal for sole sleepers i.e. a person who sleeps alone. They are large enough for you to comfortably lay on and small enough not to take up too much living space.

A rollaway twin sized bed is an ideal purchase for anyone moving out of their parents’ house into their first apartment.

The bed is quite affordable, it is portable, it is durable and most importantly it is strong enough to hold your weight. It is also ideal for guests.

Instead of spending all your money on an expensive regular bed, a rollaway bed performs the same function at a more affordable cost. Moreover, once your guests have left, the bed can be collapsed and rolled off into storage.

Extra-long rollaway bed

An extra-long rollaway bed is ideal for taller persons. Tall persons tend to face the problem of having their feet stick out of their beds during sleep time.

An extra-long bed provides a solution to this problem. The extra length provides the extra leg room.

Folding beds at target

Target is a well-known brand worldwide. The chain store is known for offering quality products to its customers at affordable prices. What sets Target apart, is the fact that it is a hypermarket.

This means that it stocks products from various manufactures and brands. As such, you are provided with a variety of choices to choose from. You are sure to get an affordable quality product.

Folding beds sold at Target are designed by companies such as Milliard, Lucid, Zinus and even Serta. Beds from each one of these brands serve the same basic purpose.

They are foldable beds fitted with caster wheels; a feature that makes them convenient to store. They may have a few simple differences in design but are all basically the same product.


Rollaway beds provide a convenient and affordable alternative to your traditional bed. Their design is simple and straight-forward. The frame is made from metal.

It is foldable in half and is fitted with caster wheels. When not in use, you simply need to fold the bed in half and roll it away. This feature makes it ideal for small apartments.

If you lack space to spare for a bed, buy a rollaway bed. In the day, the bed stays hidden away in the closet. At night, you roll it out, spread it and enjoy some shut eye.

The bed can also be useful whenever you are entertaining visiting guests. It is an ideal purchase for anyone looking for an affordable alternative to a regular bed.

You need not worry about quality. A rollaway bed holds up as good as a regular bed if not better.

The frame is metallic. Metal can last a pretty long time and is also very strong. As such, your weight will be comfortably cradled by the bed. Never will it collapse as you lay on it.