Platform Bed And Box Spring Bed – Which Is Better? 

First thing first, what comes into your mind when you hear about platform bed and box spring?

You should quickly think about which is better between the two.

Ask yourself, which type of mattress is suitable?

Which type of bed frame?

Is there comfort?

Platform bed Vs Box spring – which to buy?

Before you choose any. Of late the big debate seems to be between platform beds and box springs. Because of the huge difference they have.

But which is better?

Let’s find out.

Attributes of the platform bed frame

Platform beds are more popular than box spring due to several reasons. First, they give you a wide range of designs to choose from.

From low-lying designs to standard height designs, from platform beds with storage to those with a modern twist of upholstery, you can’t lack what suits your style.

They provide your mattress with adequate air circulation, which improves the life of your mattress.

Also, have more storage space, which can help you keep other stuff like books instead of having another shelf.

Advantages and disadvantages of a platform bed



  • Platform beds sit low to the ground and may not be suitable for people with back injuries
  • Not easy to move around
  • More money needed when buying a top-quality mattress.

Platform bed with storage

With your small bedroom, wouldn’t you want to have some space left, maybe for movement or other things?

Platform beds offer you storage options.

Meaning you will no longer have to rent a house with lots of closets and pay higher rent. Clothes, extra bed sheets can fit in these drawers.

These bed designs feature one or more drawers, hidden underneath your bed. No doubt, it’s the best way to maximize your space.

Mattress protection and comfort

Your mattress is the most valuable necessity for peaceful nights and healthy postures as you sleep.

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy one, but without proper care, it won’t last long.

That said, the kind of bed and mattress you buy would decide how long it will take before you count it a waste.

Inappropriate bed frames will, of course, lead to molds and other allergens that might affect your respiratory problems.

Platform beds wave away your future disappointments by protecting your mattress. It allows air to circulate evenly, leaving your mattress with little moisture to suck up.

Just look for appropriate size slat and distance between them to get stability and support. You also have the option of getting a quality mattress topper to enhance comfort.

Aesthetic appeal

Who doesn’t love a good looking bed?

I hope you aren’t going to buy anything from the market in the name of the bed frame to put it in your brand new home, are you?

Platform beds come in varied designs that will improve the beauty of your bedroom. Many people who have tried this type of bed have praised its low profile and modern design.

Choosing a platform bed is a plus as you get much more than you do when you buy traditional beds.

Think about the space it saves you in your bedroom, the storage, and how easy it is to assembly the bed. With so much in one pack, you get the value for every dollar spent!

They are low to the ground, perfect for stability, which is a plus to you in terms of keeping the right posture while asleep.

However, older people with back pains will find it a bit difficult while standing.

Overview of the Box spring bed frame

Wow! Box springs can be termed as historical beds. They used to exist in every home until the memory foam mattresses started rising to fame.

Despite rocking for centuries, they’re still more popular than you would think. These kinds of beds are darling to people who like traditional stuff, especially the old age who are not yet in terms which the new technology.

Box springs are higher off of the ground with antique value to them. Apparently, that’s why some people love them.

Advantages and disadvantages of box spring


  • Offers you additional height
  • Absorb your body weight as opposed to platform beds
  • Curb premature mattress sagging
  • Traditionally designed, appeal to people who love such type of bed


  • You will pay extra cost
  • Lose support after sometime
  • No storage feature underneath


You heard before, box springs don’t provide storage space. Also, it comes without the storage drawer option.

That said, if you purchase a regular bed, you will still store your other stuff under the bed, though on the floor, because it is high up off of the floor.

That’s where platform bed design beat it hands down because the platform bed gives you adequate space for storage without having your stuff swathed in the dust.

Mattress protection and comfort

You shouldn’t rule out box spring completely. It’s the best in terms of adding support to your body and mattress.

It can absorb your body weight equally across the foundation, extending the life of your mattress and warranty. Besides that, it can ease back pain because of its flatness.

However, you may still face challenges having box spring in your small bedroom.

Your mattress won’t get enough air circulation, meaning be ready for mold and mildew, a threat to your health. You can face lots of discomfort due to heat which is trapped inside.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce mattresses with features that allow it to keep you cool over the night. But without air circulation, it may not work the way it should be, leading to discomfort.

Aesthetic appeal

Box spring beds are old-looking, and unless you are among the group that loves traditionally looking things, then you won’t like box springs.

Final thought

Back to the question, ‘which is better’?

These two beds have both pros and cons, but the platform beds are way better. When you buy them, you know you’re investing in better sleep, the elegance of your room, and saving the space.