Which Is Better Between A Bed Stats Vs Box Spring?

Sleeping habits differ from person to person, but one thing is common to all; everyone wants to sleep comfortably!

If you need to stay healthy, one of the things you would need to observe is sleeping well. The experts explain that ensuring you sleep well improves your productivity as well.

Sleeping well means you have a great bed to lie on every time you need to enjoy good rest. It is critical to ensure your sleeping space meets all your sleeping needs. This means getting a quality bed, mattress and if need be a top rated mattress topper.

Difference between bed slats and a box spring

Before you can decide on which bed to buy, it is essential to understand the makeup of the bed and how that will affect the person sleeping on it. We will discuss both types of bases at length to help understand their differences.

Defining stat beds

Slats have metal or wooden planks that run across the bed, horizontally. These are the planks that support the mattress, and the gaps between the planks allow air to circulate.

That circulation keeps the mold away. The old traditional designs had wooden planks, but lately, that has been replaced with metallic ones.

The height of the bed is something you would want to consider before buying a bed. Slats are generally low in height, but the height depends on the frame of the bed.

Defining box spring

These are platforms covered with fabric and do not feature a bed frame with legs. They resemble large boxes. They come in different designs and different materials.

Some box springs will come with wheels to facilitate moving the bed around. You will not have space under the spring box, meaning you will not store anything down there!

Do slat beds ruin mattresses?

Nearly all mattresses can rest comfortably on any bed frame or base. However, there are precautions to take if you opt to go for the slat bed.

The slat beds can be cheaper than the spring box, but the slats can provide a mattress base that is not even.

The best base for your mattress ideally should be an upholstery one. However, realistically speaking, it may not always be possible to get such support for various reasons.

One, you may not have a budget for such a base, and two, you may not necessarily like the aesthetic divan base.

Two types of slatted bases

  1. Sprung bed slats

The sprung beds have wooden slats that clip on each side, and they end up looking like a bracket. They are curved, and that allows them to flex and move when you apply pressure on them.

You could spend so much money on buying a bed, but it will end in frustration if your mattress ends up with a ridge in the middle, or what is also termed as “The Hump Back Bridge Effect”.

The ridge, in many cases, will not go away once it forms. The cause of that ridge because many people find comfort sleeping on the sides of the bed.

The middle is rarely used. The ridges usually run from the head end to the foot end of the mattress. In many cases, the mattresses that have such ridges are composed of significant layers of padding.

The comfort padding then compresses after a period of frequent use. The hump tends to get worse as the mattress grows older.

The best way to try and avoid the humps in the middle of your mattress is to rotate your mattress frequently, and use the middle of your bed as often as you can. It will help create a balance on the mattress and save you the discomfort of a hump.

Some couples avoid the middle of the bed and prefer to use the sides of the bed especially when both of them are in bed.

However, it would be a better deal to move to the middle of the mattress, snuggle your partner, save your mattress and enjoy the warmth of your bedroom!

  1. Solid bed slats

These are firm pieces of timber which you can screw to the frame of the bed. In other instances, one can use a tape to attach it and then lay it on the frame of the bed.

The tape option however, requires that you do not move the bed a lot because that can cause the mattress to fall into the base.

If you go for a cheaper bed frame, the slats tend to have too much spacing between them. Such a frame design causes the mattress to bulge and squeeze in between the slats.

Such a frame damages the mattress irreparably, and it also means you will end up with awful nights.

Are slat beds good?

If you want to gauge the quality of a bed, use the base of the bed to determine. A bed can only be as good as its base.

The advantage of the bed slat is that it helps distribute the downward pressure on your mattress. That allows the sleeper to lay on a firm mattress without it sagging or sinking.

A typical bed slat holds up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Other heavy-duty versions hold more weight.

The gaps between the slats allow for air circulation beneath the mattress. That aspect lengthens the lifespan of your mattress.

Comparing slat base with box spring

  • Box springs are more expensive than the slat bases. This is because the box spring is like two beds in one.
  • Box springs are heavier than slat bases, and therefore, the lighter bases are easier to transport and move around.
  • The flexibility points of the box spring bases are stronger than those of the slat bases. That makes the box springs more comfortable for your sleeping. Slat bases provide linear flexibility but they also allow the frames to stretch on the edges adding more comfort for you, but not as much as the box springs.
  • The slats win the day in terms of hygiene and thermal comfort. As much as the box springs allow for air circulation, the slats win the day on that one.