How To Make Your Bedding Look Stylish

Tips to improve your bedroom

When we think of decorating our space, the bedroom is often the last place we think about.

This is because it’s a personal space that rarely gets seen by the public.

Usually, we focus on how the living room or the dining room looks, making sure it’s presentable to guests.

But the bedroom is actually one of the most important places in the house. We spend our calmest, and sometimes exciting, moments here. It is our own sanctuary.

It should be a priority then to make the bedroom as stylish and comfortable as possible. If you’re struggling to do just that, here are some tips to help you.

  1. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows

If your bedding is looking a little dry and empty, you probably just need to add more pillows.

It’s a great way to instantly make your bed comfortable and more pillows just means more opportunities to play around with different patterns and fabrics.

You should have at least two pillows per person. You can add more of course, but then that depends on how many you’re comfortable sleeping around in.

  1. Stick to a theme or color palette

Think of a theme before you begin styling your bed. Maybe it’s fall season and you want to use fall colors on your sheets or you want to go for a tropical theme. This is so you can pick the right bedding designs that will go with your desired theme.

  1. Employ sleep aids

We live in an age where falling asleep is getting harder (thanks smartphones!). But that doesn’t mean your sleep quality should be compromised.

Part of having a stylish bedroom is being able to actually get some sleep, so make sure that happens by bringing in some sleep aids.

Weighted blankets are a new stylish product you should consider adding.

Many people use them nowadays and some have even turned it into a bedroom staple. Other stylish sleep aid essentials include a humidifier, a glow light, and an eye mask.

  1. Layer your sheets

A stylish bed means having a good foundation, using a high quality mattress and covering yourself with a quality blanket.

Before you bring in those stylish pillowcases, make sure that the mattress is protected from bed bugs, spills and dust. Also consider adding a mattress pad to make your bed extra comfy.

Next, you want to add the fitted sheet. Sure, they’re a pain to fold but they’re easy to put on the bed. For the final touch, you want to place a throw blanket and put it across the bed.

There’s nothing like being able to pull up an extra buffy sheet when you’re feeling extra chilly that night.

  1. Add a headboard

A headboard not only makes your bed extra cozy, it also creates a statement. You can decide on whatever style you want whether it’s upholstered, wood, metal frame, or leather.

Just make sure it’s practical for your needs. For example, if you prefer low maintenance, leather is a good choice. If you want a more organic look, natural fibers like wicker and rattan are great options.

  1. Throw in a fuzzy bedside rug

Make things comfy for your feet in the mornings by adding a soft bedside rug. This will make for a great start to your day and adds a stylish flair to your bedroom.

  1. Make the bed

Last and certainly not the least, you want to make sure you actually make your bed in the morning. There’s no point following all these tips if you leave your bed unmade.

It helps to look at how the military does theirs – no bed sheet crease with all pillows in place. You’ll always want to jump into your bed in the evening when you see it’s neatly made.

What is your idea of a stylish bed?

Which of these tips did you find the most useful?