Sizes Of Foldaway Beds Available For You

Imagine being able to put your bed away every morning and freeing up enough space in your studio apartment to dance, exercise, or even fit an extra seat in?

Imagine being able to provide your guests with a comfortable sleeping space that does not cost you your entire savings to acquire?

If you have always wondered how to do this, a foldaway bed may be the answer you have been looking for. A foldaway bed is a product designed to enhance the convenience and save space.

When not in use, the bed can be folded and put away, freeing up space. Such a feature is very useful, especially if living in a very small apartment or room.

Types of foldaway beds

There are many different kinds of foldaway beds.

The following 4 types are the most popular on the market:


This is a couch that doubles up as a bed. The bed together with its mattress is concealed within the couch. When needed, it is simply pulled out from within the couch.

It is extremely convenient. The bed not only saves on space but also acts as two pieces of furniture. In the day, it is a couch and at night it is a comfy bed.

Murphy bed

This bed is designed to fold into the wall. At sleep time, you simply pull it down from the wall. When daylight comes, you push it back up and just like that, you free up tonnes of space.

Foldaway bed-cum-chest

This piece of furniture doubles up as a bed and a chest. The chest provides storage space. The bed is concealed on the lower section of the chest and can be pulled out and pushed back at will.

Studio chair sleeper

This is a chair that stretches out into a bed. It is more or less an improvised sofa-bed.

The bed is very ideal for anyone who does not mind sleeping on a small bed or just wishes to have extra floor space.

The different types of folding bed sizes

Foldable king size bed

This is the biggest bed you can find. It is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. The size is big enough to fit up to 3 people, 4 if they squeeze in. A bed this big is ideal for larger families.

Foldable full-size bed

Full-size beds are 75 by 53 inches. Though smaller than a king-size bed, they are still big enough for a couple. A foldable bed this size offers you a large comfortable space to sleep on.

Rollaway bed with mattress full-size

This is a bed that can be used in various settings. Its size makes it ideal for use as a guest bed, camping bed, or even accommodating your kids’ friends during sleepovers.

The bed comes with a 4-inch mattress that is quite comfortable to sleep on. It can be easily folded and stored or transported from place to place with much ease. Concerning comfort, your guests will sing your praises.

The frame is sturdy, the mattress is snugly yet firm. In case you don’t have a firm mattress there is the option of buying a 4 inch bed topper. Hence, no one sleeping on the rollaway bed will severely discomfort.

Rollaway bed full size

This is a bed that can be folded and rolled away into a closet for storage when not in use. The bed’s frame has wheels attached to it to make this possible.

Foldable bed frame queen size

This is a very big bed that measures 60 inches in breadth by 80 inches lengthwise. This size is large enough to fit up to 3 persons.

It is strong and sturdy to support a weight of over 300 pounds. The spring base provides more support and offers a very snugly space to sleep on.

Twin size foldable bed

Having a width of 38 inches, this is sizable enough for a single sleeper. It is the perfect bed size to acquire for your kid’s bedroom. The bed is foldable and can be packed away when not needed. Besides, it can be used during camping as it is very easy to carry around.

Rollaway twin size memory foam guest bed

If in the market for the most versatile foldaway bed, look no further. Measuring 75 by 38 inches, this is the smallest bed. Such a size enhances its usefulness.

It makes the bed more versatile. It can be used by guests or during camping escapades. In terms of comfort and support, this bed like its other counterparts has a steel frame and foam mattress.

It is strong enough to support a full-grown adult’s weight. The foam mattress is comfy and offers enough support for anyone sleeping on the bed.

Twin sized Innerspace folding bed for guests

This bed allows you to change a tiny space into a wonderful bedroom for your guests. Measuring only 75 by 38 inches, it is ideal for any small apartment. The frame is made of steel and the mattress of pure memory foam.

The steel frame is sturdy and can support up to 350 pounds in weight. The mattress is plush and comfy. Your guests are sure to sleep soundly.

The bed can be folded in half and put away when guests have left. Moving it is made easier by the fact that it has wheels attached to its base.

Advantages of having a rollaway bed


Foldaway beds are easy to move. Moving the bed from one location to the next is not a cumbersome task. The beds have a simple metallic structure. Hence, they are not very heavy.

Some even have caster wheels attached to the frame, to make it easier to push the bed along.


Compared to conventional beds, foldaway beds are much more affordable. They cost a fraction of the price. As such, they are an ideal product for anyone wishing to spruce up a guest room or even move into their first apartment.

Space saver

Foldaway beds are large enough to fit a single person but small enough not to take up too much room. Moreover, these types of beds can be packed away into storage when not in use.

Having a bed like this one makes it possible to comfortably live in small spaces.