Latex Mattress Or Foam Mattress – Which Is Better?

Has your mattress formed lumps or already sagging, leaving you with pains and aches each morning?

There’s a great chance that the mattress urgently requires replacement particularly when you’re no longer having a restful night’s sleep.

Luckily, you won’t have any shortage of choices when you are looking for a mattress. This is because, there are several kinds to decide on like latex, memory foam, and innerspring.

Out of all the choices, two types of mattresses are receiving lots of positive feedback, and these are latex and foam mattresses. Let’s find out which is better between these two.

Choosing between latex or foam mattress

  1. Motion transfer and ease of mobility

It’s easier to move latex around, which is good if you have trouble getting around the bed. This is because the material works great to retain its shape. Latex helps to transfer more vibration and motion through your mattress than a foam mattress.

This is essential for a light sleeper who gets disturbed during the night by the turning and tossing of their partner. A foam mattress will help make motion hard since the surface absorbs sink and body weight when you apply pressure.

But this feature does reduce the amount of vibration and motion, which gets transferred within the mattress.

For this reason, it can be good for couples who want a mattress and sleeping surface that’s less susceptible to shaking from motion.

  1. Sleeping surface responsiveness

Latex will react quickly after getting up from it. This means the surface goes back to its shape faster than a foam mattress. Latex often maintains its surface properly in spite of being a foam-based material.

A foam mattress, conversely, will rebound slowly and go back to its shape after a short period. This may be good or bad based on your preference. Additionally, this responsiveness of foam mattress means it will offer its cuddling support and pressure relief.

  1. The difference in support and comfort

Latex is often categorized as a fairly rigid mattress, while foam mattress a firm mattress. A mattress gets firmer based on the amount of density incorporated in it. Usually, latex comes with four pounds of density or less.

For this reason, expect it to be average in terms of firmness and bounce. It’s important that you choose a fairly firm mattress rather than a very firm one if you want to eliminate pressure points.

The reason being, it will comfort your lower back and offer support to your spine, neck, and shoulders. Consider this mattress if you suffer from back pains. A thinner person, however, will look for relief in a high-density foam mattress.

Latex will offer your body great support as a foam-based material. But it features more empty space between the mattress and yourself.

For this reason, the material doesn’t give as much to your body’s shape. Additionally, latex is more bouncy, which prevents you from uncomfortably sinking into the mattress.

A foam mattress offers a cuddling effect, which lets your body sink into the mattress. This support helps to offer pressure relief.

  1. Back pain

Most latex mattresses perfect for back pain. The ones that have the highest percentage of natural latex are often firm and maintain that bouncy feel.

For this reason, when the mattress pushes back towards you, your body gets nearly lifted and offers a supportive yet luxurious feeling.

This, in turn, helps to reduce joint pains and relieve pressure points. A foam mattress offers back relief as well as using pressure point relief. However, they are less supportive because of the absence of springing feeling.

  1. Body heat produced by foam and latex mattress

Latex will not trap body heat while sleeping and make you hot, which often occur in some foam mattresses.

Rather, a latex mattress will help in maintaining the temperature of your body at whatever the body will naturally set itself to without any influence from the mattress.

  1. Health advantages

As far as buyers are concerned, the advantages of a foam mattress end in its support. With latex, it has many advantages as it is hypoallergenic, mold, bacteria and dust mites resistant.

Latex isn’t prone to the growth of microbes. So, it’s the best investment to people who are sensitive to invisible allergens such as bacteria and dust mites or chemical allergies.

  1. Durability – foam vs latex mattress

Latex is very bouncy and soft, so it often springs or pushes back towards you. This is good as rather than to create indentions on the sleeping surface it will push back. Because of this, it will help to increase longevity and life.

Foam mattresses are likewise resistant but less durable ultimately. You can use a good-quality foam mattress for as long as 2 decades while latex will last for roughly 25 to 30 years.

  1. Price of latex and foam mattress

Though latex mattresses offer lost of benefits, the cost is usually considerably higher compared to foam mattresses. A foam mattress, generally, is inexpensive especially if you opt to make the mattress yourself.

But it all depends on your preferences since either choice might suit you based on your personal needs.

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Choosing the right mattress to suit your needs

When trying to choose between latex and foam mattress, it will all depend on what advantages you want to get. Both of these kinds of mattresses serve a purpose and are great for specific types of sleepers.

How are latex and foam mattresses similar?

The major similarity shared between these options is that both offer posture support. Given that both conform in some way to your body’s shape; pressure relief gets supplied to the joints, neck, and spine.

Apart from that, these choices are very different concerning the absorption of energy and motion transfer.


This latex vs foam mattress information doesn’t have an obvious winner, but rather, the winner will depend on your sleep preferences and personal needs. Both foam and latex are great materials used in manufacturing mattresses.

This means that you’ll probably be happy with a mattress created with either. Having said that, take into consideration what you value most from your purchase.

You should choose depending on what is ideal for you. Also don’t forget that a perfect mattress should come with the modern bedding, right bed frame and pillow.