Different Things You Can Do To Light Up Your Room

Of all your home’s rooms, the bedroom is most likely the only space you spend time the most.

Apart from the bed, mattress and bed sheets you use, getting the design of your room lighting right is important.

It will make it a comfy area to sleep at night, to wake up rejuvenated every morning and to tackle the day ahead.

You can start by combining the spotlight with general lighting in areas like reading areas, side tables, and headboards.

When illuminating tables or headboards, first you should consider choosing between decorative or sconces light fixtures for reading.

This is essential as sometimes the sconces don’t provide the best area for reading and will sometimes irritate someone trying to sleep.

Rather than using sconces for reading you can use hanging lamps, which focus on the table for an amazing effect.

Each bedroom, particularly the room of a child, requires night light that will let them sync up with the day’s natural cycle.

In addition, and overhead light will help them spend time in the room past dark or get ready for bed.

Best ways to light up a room

Whether you’re selecting lights for your child’s room or a master bedroom, here are tips to help you select lighting for the bedroom.

  1. Brighten your room with colored lights

Colored lights can be from subtle lighting bulbs to cool lava lamps in your adjacent sitting space for a relaxing effect.

Light bulbs, glass globes, and lampshades will cast a stunning glow into the room and will help you relax.

  1. Creating a room theme or mood

In your room, choose what kind of mood you want to bring to mind, whether it is using an ornate chandelier for a dramatic approach, or using soft incandescent wall sconces alongside your bed for a romantic feeling.

Light illuminates and then helps make you have a great experience. You can skim through interior design magazines and search for inspiration for how you would like your room to feel.

  1. Kids illumination is essential

Your child can enjoy their bedroom activities more when they have interesting lights.

For decorative touches, you can match lamp, décor and bedding color together for a functional look. Side table lamps are ideal when they are reading or relaxing.

Overhead lights need to be bright, but not directional into the kid’s eyes to cause glare or squinting. Think about soft glow wall sconces or night lighting for children that are scared of the dark.

  1. Use display lights

You can use bedroom lighting to highlight and display architectural, floor sculptures and wall artwork detailing the room. Based on what you want to highlight, the illumination needs to adhere to the same cue.

For sculptural artworks, floor directional lights aimed up will bring visual appeal and drama. For big, dramatic work of art, you can use directional lights that will cast directly on the artwork.

What functions will the lights serve?

Based on your room’s size and what functions you do in it, it will play a huge role when it comes to lights.

If you love watching TV in bed with your children, you can go for table lamps on the adjacent end tables and ambient lights overhead.

In addition, if you want your bedroom for unwinding and meditation, the best choice for your room will be overhead indirect cover lights that light your room’s ceiling.

There are various kinds of bedroom lights in the market, each meant for a different purpose including:

  1. Table lamps

These lights are available in pairs, one on each of a double bed’s nightstand.

The main function is providing light for reading, though again, in some rooms, this is the only source of light.

  1. Mirror lights

These lights are usually attached to a mirror; the sides or the top, and offer lighting for applying makeup and other uses. It is also good to note that a mirror helps a room to appear bigger.

  1. Ceiling lighting

These are great for general space illumination especially in a dark room. The most popular kinds are used as a group of lamps contained in a ceiling illumination unit, or the shape of a single lamp with a lampshade.

An extreme example of the latter is a chandelier; however, the basic purpose is to illuminate the whole bedroom. Some people prefer to use this as the only lighting in the room.

  1. Spotlights

You can use these lights for directed illumination such as a dresser. Spotlights aren’t a means of general space illumination and are hardly ever used for reading.

Accent, Task and Ambient lighting in a room

When you are thinking about how to light a room, you’ll probably need to consider accent, task, and ambient lighting.

Here’s the difference between these and the best time to use them:

  1. Accent lighting

You can use this lighting to emphasize something in the bedroom. For instance, it can be a picture on the bedroom’s wall. The lighting isn’t used often in the bedroom as in other rooms. This means you can most likely learn how to light a room without incorporating this type of lighting at all.

  1. Task lighting

This means any light that will help you do a task. In your bedroom, it can be a reading lamp. You can use it as a desk lamp in your room. In the living room, it can be a lamp on the piano.

In your kitchen, it will help in offering enough lighting for chopping veggies or cooking a meal.

Lastly, if you have a makeup area, lighting up the dressing table is vital and don’t forget to keep it organized as well.

  1. Ambient lighting

This is your room’s general lighting. When it comes to a bedroom, it can be the single ceiling light or the recessed lighting. Its work is to offer the basic ambient lighting that can offer even lighting across the room.

Final thought

Lighting in rooms is essential for refreshing and soothing a person. You can bring the room some much need inspiration and lighting.

To get a different aesthetic, you can try to change lighting depending on the time of the year.

Seasonal lights such as Christmas lighting look beautiful around the headboard. You can make the room you have always desired that will enlighten and inspire.

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