How Can I Make My Bedroom Look Expensive?

A bedroom should be a home’s most comforting and personalized room. The reason being, it’s typically the room in your house where most of your stuff is and where you sleep.

It should be your getaway space; even the most outgoing, social people require a space to relax and sleep.

Additionally, the only way to feel comfortable in the bedroom is if it has your preferred design. If it is not, it does not mean you should entirely revamp.

This is because, in many cases, you just require some decorative investments to update your room’s look.

Helpful tips to help make your bedroom look lavish.

  1. Use statement furniture pieces

A few elegant furniture pieces will help in transforming any dull room into a stunning area.

For instance, a gilded nightstand, a dark wooden bed frame or a beautiful vintage dresser can help you to attain your preferred expensive appearance.

Rather than furniture, go for a plush rug or large pouf on the floor, a stunning quilt on the bed or work of art above the headboard. The most important thing is that the pieces are noticeable.

They should also be the first thing that catches your attention when you enter the bedroom while reflecting your taste and personality as well.

  1. Hanging big-frame paintings

Placing artwork in your room will create an attention-grabbing statement and provide you with a designer feel.

For that reason, you can hang an artwork that’s big enough to make a huge impact.

For example, you can place an abstract print or a painting above the headboard to add an outstanding look to your bedroom.

  1. Buy some layer pillows

They might look simple, but these layer pillows look stunning and have that fantastic appearance that makes the bedroom look expensive.

There is also the option of getting trendy bean bag pillows. Thankfully, there are lots of choices and colors available in the market. Ultimately, this can result in increased quality and value without using any effort.

  1. Choose a color scheme

There are two ways of achieving an expensive bedroom trend. You can either choose warmer paint colors such as cream or ivory than only bright white since that will at times to make a bedroom appear cold.

Go for rich colors or neutral lux. Choosing neutral works as it looks timeless and clean. If you want the neutral look, ensure you add a range of materials and textures to provide a depth feeling.

Use decorative pillows and throws, with a mixture of different materials to layer your bed. You can also go for warmer colors for your carpet flooring. Deeper jewel hues like ruby, jade, navy, and amber will add lavishness since they are richer colors.

Textured or patterned wallpaper in your bedroom’s headboard wall will be an effective way to create a center of interest. Did you know you can get a removable wallpaper?

It will also enhance your bedroom’s warmth without spending a lot of money or changing too much.

  1.  Get a comfortable bed

A luxury bedroom needs a lavish bed; however, it does not have to be costly.

Comfort should be a major concern; we all want to sink in a comfortable mattress wrapped with luxurious sheets.

First, you should determine your preferred type of mattress or mattress topper (soft or firm) and then determine what your budget is.

There are low-cost choices for all kinds of mattresses, which include foam and spring.

You should choose carefully and know what you want.

  1. Light-shading

Whether it’s a shade on the ceiling light or the lamp, your choice of the interior will impact your bedroom’s expensive look and mood.

The choice and presence of lampshades are essential when focusing on the interior design of your bedroom.

Lampshades are often a second thought when it comes to your room’s decoration; however, they need to be one of the major priorities.

You can use the lampshades to your advantage and invest in some lampshades that are relevantly-themed.

These should suit your overall color scheme and have it stand out like art. This will make your room look as expensive as you want.

  1. Declutter your bedroom

Regardless of what elegant pieces you bring into the bedroom and how much money you used, it can look neither expensive nor luxurious if it is cluttered.

Therefore, clean your empty glasses, half-read books and the charger cords of your nightstand.

You should move things you don’t use often into the drawers. This will also make your bedroom look bigger.

After that, decorate the nightstand using nice photo frames, candles or a lamp. Consider also the dressing table, and organize the cosmetics and makeup. You should look for a way of concealing them from plain sight.

Make sure you keep the floors clean and empty, including any piles of magazines or shoe boxes, or visible extension cords peeping from beneath the bed.

Rather, incorporate some green plants to the bedroom to update its look from regular to luxurious. The plants if well selected perfectly will also make your bedroom smell breathtaking.

  1. Adding a cushioned headboard

To make the bed look luxurious, consider adding a cushioned headboard. This is because it is a smart way of making an otherwise cheap-looking bed appears more expensive. This is not only functional, but it will also give your room a touch of luxury.

You can also use classic materials like velvet as your headboard’s covering to provide it with a nice stylish sheen.

If you want to get crafty you can consider a DIY option to reduce expenses. All you should work with are a cover material, foam, piece of plywood, and your preferred stuffing.

  1. Create a multipurpose area

Though the bedroom is an area where you only sleep at night, the best and expensive-looking rooms have a multipurpose space as well. Consider rearranging the furniture and perhaps using some décor from your other rooms.


Adding a statement chair close to the bed will be useful if you want to make your bedroom look expensive.

  1. Use attractive and cool furniture

Drawers and cabinets are important in your bedroom’s overall design. Make sure you remove old dull furniture. 

Choose more attractive pieces such as an armoire and a vintage wood chest, which suit your comfy classic theme. This should not be a costly move if browse online stores.

Final thought

You should always remember that you will try and make the bedroom glow, so transforming this room needs to be aesthetically elegant without being expensive.

It would be advisable to also have an air cleaner to make you room smell expensive. Once you are done, you’re sure to feel the stylishness fill the entire house.

This may simply make you want to begin considering how to do the same to other rooms in your house.