How To Break In Different Types Of New Mattresses

It is common for a mattress to feel too firm when new, the same applies to a mattress topper. This can be especially disappointing if you went through an in-house selection for a mattress and had it delivered to you.

Excitedly, you dress up for bed, ready to test your new mattress only to find it a bit too firm and rather uncomfortable.

You do not need to worry, because you can break it in after following a few useful tips that this article will give.

A mattress needs breaking in so that it can feel plush and comfy. First, you need to allow your mattress to breathe. Do not dress it up immediately you receive it as this will deny it the time it needs to breathe.

Allow it to breathe for a few hours then you can go ahead and dress it in the bedding you wish to dress it in. Secondly, add pressure on the mattress. This comes in when the mattress feels too firm and stiff.

You can put pressure on it by walking on it gently or using your hands to gently put some pressure on it. This helps to make the materials a bit loose, enabling the mattress to start to conform to your body.

Third, add some heat on the mattress. This is especially useful in a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses become softer when warmed, enabling them to conform to the body of the user.

You can add some heat by turning up the room’s heat to enable it to soften faster. Fourth, check your sleeping positions.

It is possible that you sleep in a position that does not allow the mattress to break in easily or as it should. You should sleep in a position that allows the mattress to break in properly.

Fifth, you need to sleep on the mattress consistently. This accelerates the process of breaking in as it ensures that you keep applying pressure on the mattress.

Do not get discouraged when it does not respond immediately. The better its quality, the longer the time it takes to break in.

This is important to keep in mind as you patiently wait for the mattress to soften and adjust to your body. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that it is worth the wait. Always have in mind that it takes time for the mattress to conform to your body.

Sleep on that new purple mattress every night during the period it takes to break in to enable it do so faster. This gives it an opportunity to stretch on the bed frame and loosen.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to give your new mattress time to conform, and it sure will in no time.

How long it takes to break in a mattress

Different mattresses take different periods of time to break in. It would take different time periods to break in a casper and a yoga mattress. However, four weeks are the general time period within which most mattresses take to break in.

This is especially the case for common mattresses such as the latex mattress and the innerspring mattress.

Unlike the memory foam mattress which takes longer due to its high density, the other mattress types take up to thirty days to conform to the body and feel soft and cozy.

Breaking into a latex mattress

The break in time varies with different mattress types. For instance, the latex mattress takes only a few weeks to break in. This is because of the material it is made of.

It is made from blended, synthetic or natural materials. The materials enable it to breathe quite easily since the air remains in the synthetic foam.

Though the materials feel elastic, they also provide excellent support. Sometimes the latex mattress may be sold as a hybrid mattress when made from blended spring support, latex foam and memory foam.

How long it takes to break a memory foam mattress

This type of mattress, on the other hand, take a lot of time to break in because they are of high density. Density is the material in a cubic foot.

The more the density, the more time needed for the opening up of the foam cells and for the mattress to stretch and loosen up. As a result, memory foam mattresses as the one from Amerisleep can take up to sixty days to break in.

To speed up the process, it is advisable to warm up the room. When the temperature is low, memory foam layers tend to become firmer. Therefore, to avoid this, keep the room warm.

Breaking a conventional innerspring mattress

Conventional innerspring mattresses take a much shorter time to break in. They can take up to four weeks approximately.

The conventional innerspring mattress is usually given together with a cushion (pillow top cushion) which makes the break in period shorter. It is advisable to flip the conventional innerspring mattress every three or so months.

New mattress adjustment period

It is true that every person is different hence the need for a different adjustment period for everyone. However, the most common adjustment period is thirty days or four weeks.

This can sometimes extend up to sixty days especially when one is using a high-density mattress such as memory foam.

The up side about using memory foam and waiting for such a long period of time to adjust is that it will serve you for quite a while and will give you very good sleep.

For this reason, many people opt to be patient with it.

One may wonder, “What if my mattress still does not feel comfortable after the breaking in period?”

Well, this is not so uncommon to find.

If the mattress still does not feel soft and cozy after the thirty or sixty days, it is prudent to give it some more time.

There are different factors that go into breaking in a mattress such as the ones stated above. Look into all of them.

Are you doing everything right?

If the mattress still does not break in after the additional time, then consider exchanging it for a new one from the place where you purchased it.