Best Way To Hang String Lights In Your Room

Today, string lights are used to decorate Christmas trees and enhance general interior decor.

The majority of homeowners use different hanging string lights techniques to ensure they deliver maximum functionality and aesthetics.

Luckily, apart from hanging well designed picture frames, you can have a wide variety of string lights to enhance your room’s interior decor. Moreover, you need no interior design expert to hang string lights in your bedroom.

How to best use hang string lights

So, let’s take a look at some of these techniques. In turn, you’d be able to pick out the best techniques that complement your bedroom.

Create different shapes using your string lights

When hanging string lights in your bedroom, you can incorporate different shapes depending on your room’s size. For example, you can create a heart shape using your string lights.

Additionally, you can create a square or oval shape using your string lights. It all depends on your requirements and preference. Moreover, write your name on the wall using string lights.

Hold your art pieces and photos

Suppose you want to accentuate that family photo or art piece frame in your bedroom and surround it using string lights. You’d get surprised at how amazing this will look. Always go for string lights that match with the picture or wall painting. Also, ensure these string lights get secured firmly on the wall. Doing this will prevent them from falling.

Embellishing the Mirror

Add a whole new charm in your bedroom by hanging your string lights around your mirror. Doing this increases the lighting needed to do your makeup as well as dressing up. And if you’re a beauty influencer, consider hanging string lights on the sides of the mirror.

You’ll get to take those perfect pictures that will take your career to the next level. Besides offering outstanding functionality, circling the mirror using string lights also makes your bedroom look spectacular.

Wrapping string lights around the bed

Another way to hang string lights in your bedroom is to encompass the lights around your bed or mosquito net.

Moreover, make good use of your floor and encompass the string lights around it. In turn, this will create an exceptional glow at nighttime.

All in all, choose the perfect fixture or spot where you can hang your string lights.

Make good use of the bed canopy

Please take advantage of your bed canopy by pairing it with string lights.

Consider blending fabric into the string lights to increase their aesthetics. Hanging string lights on your bed canopy helps you create a tranquil atmosphere.

Consequently, this makes your bedroom an ideal place for relaxation after a stressful day.

Accentuate the ceiling

One way to invigorate your bedroom is by hanging string lights on your ceiling.

In particular, incorporate this technique in your child’s bedroom. You will create the illusion of peace and safety in your child’s mind when you do this.

Subsequently, your child will sleep peacefully throughout the whole night. Also, hanging string lights on the ceiling makes the room more interesting and exciting.

Decorate your walls

Another way to hang string lights is by placing them on the edges of your walls.

Not only will this create a warm glow in your bedroom, but it also offers additional lighting.

Besides, you can always hang your string lights using a DIY project. You don’t have to spend thousands paying an interior design company.

Drawers, wardrobe, and cabinets

Don’t let your chest of drawers look plain. Aside from painting them with bright hues, you can always put string lights around them.

Also, consider surrounding your wardrobe and bedroom cabinets with string lights to boost your bedroom’s interior decor.

Doing this will highlight all the unique features of your bedroom as well as provide functional lighting.

Bedside table

You can also place your string lights by the bedside. If you have a small table standing beside your bed, decorate it using string lights.

Not to mention, placing your string lights by the bedside provides more light for reading and writing at night.

Accessorize your tapestry

What if we told you that you could use your string lights to decorate your tapestry?

Sounds great, right?

Consider hanging your string lights at the top of your tapestry creatively to give it that extra uniqueness. Thus, if you have a tapestry, buy matching string lights.

Hang them on your headboard garland

Create the perfect ambiance by hanging your string lights on your headboard garland. You can create a beautiful pattern while doing this. Conduct online research on how to design the headboard garland using string lights. Pinterest is a good online platform to get such ideas.

Encompass flowers with string lights

If you have decorative flowers beside your bed, spice them up using string lights. You can creatively align string lights in these flowers.

By doing this, it will make your room look merrier and more festive, thus making your bedroom the ideal chill spot to de-stress after a long day.

Utilize slanted ceilings

Suppose you have a room with a curved, bent, or slanted ceiling; make good use of string lights. Hang them using a unique and creative design to enhance the aesthetics of your room.

Using string lights for slanted ceilings also work well with low height ceilings. You can always look up the best designs used to hang ceilings on Pinterest.

Hang string lights on your ladder

Make your storage room extra spicy by putting your string lights around your ladder, if you have one. Place the ladder at the corner and align it with string lights. This way, you will light up your store and make it more presentable.

All you have to do is find the right pattern of hanging these string lights around the ladder.

In conclusion

There is a wide range of techniques you can use to hang string lights in your bedroom. So, always go for the right technique that matches your taste and preference. Even so, you have to evaluate certain factors like the size of the room and your bedroom furniture.

Fortunately, you won’t have to spend much on decorating your bedroom using string lights. You can always do the work by yourself; all you have to do is conduct extensive research.

Ultimately, designing your bedroom using string lights is a great idea; it is indeed worth a try.

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