How To Best Hang Bedroom Lights

Indisputably, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Come to think of it. This is where you relax, sleep, or even watch a movie.

Therefore, it is important to invest in good bedroom lighting. One of the ways you can do so is by installing chandeliers and pendants.

Pendant lights and chandeliers are a great source of functionality and aesthetics. Although you may end up spending thousands on the installation, they are worth a try.

But how do you hang bedroom lights?

Ideal ways to hang lights in your bedroom

Today, there are two main types of hanging lights and chandeliers. So, let’s look at some of the best ways you can hang lights in your bedroom.

Make good use of your bedsides

When hanging bedroom lights, you can utilize the space beside the bed.

For instance, you can place pendant lights on the bedside table. By doing this, it will provide sufficient lighting for reading and writing at night.

Besides, pendant lights beside the bed add an exceptional charm to the room. Pendant lights are actually one major source of task lighting.

On the flip side, position your chandelier directly above the bed. This will create an illusion of a high ceiling and accentuate the bed.

Additionally, chandeliers are the best lighting fixtures to use in your closets. They offer amazing brightness levels as well as aesthetics.

If you are hanging both chandeliers and pendant lights, ensure they complement each other.

Place the hanging lights as high as possible

You have to make sure you place the hanging lights high enough to boost the level of brightness.

If you have a low or slanted ceiling, you can hit your head when you place the hanging lights at a low level.

Pendant lights by your bedside should also not come in contact with any fabric. Remember, you don’t want any home accidents caused by hanging lights.

Consider the general interior decor

Before you hang any lights, always analyze the interior design in your bedroom. Then, identify the theme color and design. From here, it would be easy to pick out a complementing pendant light or chandelier.

The hanging lights have to boost the overall design of the room. Otherwise, they would look out of place.

Additionally, when it comes to hanging chandeliers, it would be best if you placed them at the focal point of the room.

On the other hand, pendants are best placed beside the bed. You can always source ideas from online platforms like Pinterest. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional interior design company.

Use string lights

When hanging bedroom lights, you have to be creative. Remember, you are trying the boost the general aesthetics of the room. One way to do so is by using string lights.

String lights are not only used during festive seasons but also for general decoration. Besides, string lights are cheap. So, purchase them and encompass them around the bed or your room art piece.

Also, you can place them on the headboard garland to make the room extra spicy. Ultimately, hanging bedroom lights require you to use certain techniques so that you can get the most out of them.

Hang fairy lights in your bedroom

Fairy lights are spectacular; they create a warm and comfortable ambiance in your room.

Fortunately, you don’t have to use them during festive seasons only. You can use them to decorate your bedroom and other rooms in your house.

There are so many techniques you can use to get the most out of fairy lights. They include:

Encompass modern lighting around the bed

Surround fairy lights on the headboard of the bed to boost the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Additionally, doing this also provides enough brightness required for reading or journaling during the night. Fairy lights emanate warmth that enables you to sleep much better and soundly.

Insert the lights in a glass jar

If you are wondering what you should do with your glass jar, you now know what to do.

Put fairy lights inside a glass jar and light them up. Subsequently, you would boost the aesthetics of the room as well as create an artificial lamp.

After you put the fairy lights in the glass jar, place them on your bedroom table, beside the mirror or dressing table.

Putting lights on the ceiling

Give your ceiling that extra spice by hanging fairy lights across it. Placing fairy lights across your ceiling brightens up the whole room and makes it feel warmer and comfortable.

In particular, if you have a low-level ceiling, this technique will work for you. If your bedroom is small, hanging fairy lights across the ceiling will provide the best aesthetics.

Besides, hanging fairy lights across the ceiling will create the perfect ambiance for relaxation in your bedroom.

Accentuate the whole bedroom wall

Be a little extra by surrounding the whole bedroom wall with fairy lights. Always look for a suitable and plain wall side where you can do this.

Once you do this, you create an orange warm glow in your bedroom. Highlighting the entire wall with fairy lights is undoubtedly perfect for a baby’s room.

Surround lights across a decorative piece

In case you have decorative art pieces in your house, consider hanging fairy lights around them. Doing this underscores your decorative pieces and makes them appear more beautiful.

Also, consider doing this for photo hangings. You would unquestionably get impressed by the results.

Hang lights around flowers and trees

Encompass your string lights on the flowers on your bedside table. This way, you make the flowers more attractive and get more lighting at night.

Besides, doing this will help you create the ideal ambiance for relaxing. Suppose you have a balcony in your bedroom, get an artificial tree or plant, and surround it with fairy lights.

Consequently, you will create a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape from your bedroom.

The bottom line

Making lighting fixtures functional requires you to incorporate the best techniques for hanging lights. Fortunately, there is a wide range of methods used to hang bedroom lights.

But generally, when hanging bedroom lights, you have to place them as high as possible and make good use of your bedsides.

On the other hand, when it comes to hanging string lights, be creative. Hang them around flowers, bedsides, and the ceiling.

Ultimately, hanging bedroom lights requires you to go out of your imagination.