Latex Mattress Vs Spring Mattress – Which To Pick?

If you’re contemplating between a latex and spring mattress, you should know that these are two different kinds of mattresses having different properties.

Most people are used to a spring mattress. However, if you want to purchase a latex mattress you should make the most of it. Latex is better than spring in lots of ways.

Difference between spring and latex mattresses

This type of mattress doesn’t have any coils or springs in it. Unlike a spring type, a natural latex mattress is usually created with one kind of material: latex.

You might be wondering what material is latex. It’s a natural product originating from rubber trees sap. The sap gets processed into mattress blocks that feature a natural bounciness to provide superb spine support.

Latex is also naturally resistant to dust mite and resistant to mold. It also doesn’t need chemicals, compared to spring. A spring mattress often has chemicals incorporated in them for those purposes

Latex mattresses feel soft yet supportive with some natural springiness to it without requiring coils or springs. Latex natural open cell structure makes it highly breathable. In addition, these mattresses come with pinholes in them, which help to further improve the natural air circulation.

Normally, a latex mattress is cost more than a spring mattress. But with a latex type, you’ll discover that the advantage it offers to suit your needs. A latex mattress is widely regarded as the comfiest mattress type out there.

These mattresses are very durable, as they retain comfort and softness for longer without sagging.

How a latex mattress feels like

When sleeping on a latex mattress, you’ll initially feel an enjoyable soft sinking feeling.

This is also followed by a firm yet comfy support feeling.

That is why a latex mattress is getting very popular globally.

People suffering from chronic pain like back pain, discover that the comfort offered by this type of mattress helps in alleviating the pain.

More and more medical experts like physical therapists, osteopaths, and more recommend latex mattresses.

Other kind of mattress with the same results include Casper mattress and Yogabed.

The reason being, they can align the spine body and body comfortably and properly.

What is in a spring mattress?

A spring mattress is created with a lot of metal coils. These coils are usually surrounded by springy supportive foam. The foam offers comfort, while the coils provide some springiness to the mattress.

Each type of spring mattress comes with a different number of coils. Though this may have an impact on comfort, there are lots of other factors that determine how comfy this mattress feels.

These factors include the foam cushioning thickness, the metal gauge from which the coils are created, the coils sizes, and more.

Benefits and drawbacks of a latex mattress


  • Latex is resistant to mold and dust mites. A latex mattress doesn’t require added chemicals to protect from these issues.
  • Outstanding body pressure support – It will align your spine properly while asleep.
  • This type of mattress doesn’t transmit motion easily. If a person on one side rolls over, it will not have an effect on the other partner.
  • Excellent airflow – latex open cell structure makes it breathable. Moreover, a latex mattress features pinholes incorporated into it during their making, letting better air circulation than any other type of mattress.
  • Latex is a natural product that doesn’t have harsh chemicals.
  • Durable – With proper care these mattresses have a longer lifespan than other mattress types.
  • Excellent comfort- Latex mattresses perform over and above other mattress types. The soft supportiveness and comfort of this mattress have the ability to ease pain.


  • Heavier – these mattresses weigh heavier than most spring mattresses.
  • Expensive – latex mattresses can be costly in comparison with other types.

Benefits of a spring mattress

  • You can get these mattresses in a wide array of firmness.
  • They are usually lightweight – the weight will vary greatly from one model to the other. However, a spring mattress is often fairly light and so simple to turn.
  • Simple to find. Spring mattresses are one of the most well-liked mattress types, so it will be easy to find one to test when you shop.
  • A spring mattress begins low in cost. Premium spring mattresses can be expensive; however, a basic spring is inexpensive.

Drawbacks of a spring mattress

  • The likelihood of noise – a spring mattress might make noise in relation to motion. The noise is mainly from the springs and can lead to clunking noises or irritating squeaking.
  • Relatively short lifespan – The top layer will deteriorate quite fast, which means that you can feel the springs. Slow sagging is also a reason for the shorter lifespan over time.Ultimately, this leads to discomfort while sleeping.

Latex vs spring mattress comparison

Latex is a lot better compared to spring when it comes to purchasing the best mattress. A basic spring model is inexpensive, and most people have them. However, these mattresses don’t do well as latex mattresses. Though a latex mattress comes with a higher price, its durability is longer as well.

Get Latex Best Prices

This means purchasing one now will mean you will not need to change it as soon as a spring model. In addition, a costly spring mattress will actually be costly compared to a standard latex type.

You’ll find that latex mattresses are comfier. On the contrary, a premium spring model might be all about making a plush look for the buyer, without providing a lot more comfort than a cheap spring mattress.

Is latex mattress good for your back?

A latex mattress can conform to the curves of your body better than any other kind of mattress. The reason being, latex is usually created with rubber and comes with push back abilities that offer unmatched support to your back.

Clearly, with all these benefits the answer is Yes! A latex mattress is great for your back.

More reasons why a latex mattress is great for back pain

Most side sleepers complain of back pain and that is due to wrong support. People believe that firmer is ideal; however, that isn’t necessarily for a side sleeper.

If the shoulders and hips don’t sink into your mattress enough you’ll get a bad spine curvature when sleeping. That is why it is essential to look for the best comfort layer.

It should be soft enough to let the shoulders and hips sink in enough to get a good straight alignment of the spine. You’ll get that curve when it’s too firm. The same issue also happens when it’s too soft.

That is where latex outperforms them all as you can get it in lots of firmness options to suit your needs. Getting a latex mattress is very important, especially if you’re suffering from chronic or acute back pain.

Examine your current mattress. If it is sagging or sunken when you get into bed, it is time to get rid of it and get a new one.

A worn out or poor-quality mattress results in more back pain felt all day long. Only a top quality mattress can offer the type of stability and support that’s needed by your body. You will be able to sleep with the right alignment and protection from muscle tension.

Is spring mattress good for your back?

There are four types of spring mattresses. These are traditional models, which have been around for years: Pocket coils, Bonnell coils, continuous coils, and offset coils.

Bonnell coils and continuous coils are not recommended for those suffering from back pain. Offset coils make a mattress extremely firm. For this reason, they will work best for those back sleepers suffering from back pain.

Pocket coils, the most costly kind inside of spring mattresses, aren’t costly as a foam mattress. They are also the only kind that provides the support, which a person with back pain will require.


A spring mattress is still a great mattress, but simply not as great as latex when you compare the two. In terms of comfort, latex provides more, which is the main objective of any mattress. Additionally, latex offers more advantages that spring doesn’t.

Overall, latex mattresses offer more benefits, and fewer drawbacks, than a spring one. Are you already conversant in a spring mattress but not a latex one?

If that’s the case then you need to try out a latex mattress. This mattress will be a huge boost comfort-wise from what you are using to sleep on now.


Then don’t forget to top it up with well designed bedding sets and a comfortable pillow for that good night sleep you deserve.