Slide-Out Roll Away Bed Ideas

If you are reading this article, I reckon that there are only one of two reasons that could cause you to search it out from the web.

The first would be that you live in a small one-room apartment or studio and would like to acquire a bed.

But since you have little living space, you would like to hide the bed away during the day and only pull it out when you need it.

The second reason could be that though you have a lot of space in your home, you wish to acquire a guest bed, but since it is not often used, you wish to have it installed in such a way that it does not take up too much room and compromise your décor.

Whatever reason you have, this is where you need to be. This article will give you six different ideas on how you can hide an entire bed in plain sight.

How to decide on the best idea

Have in mind a few things;

Who the bed is for?

If the bed you want to acquire is, for your own use, it is best to get one that is comfortable and durable as well. Sofa beds and chair beds, for example, have very thin mattresses.

As such they are not very good for long term use. A murphy bed would suit you best in this scenario. The chair bed can be saved for guests.


Some space-saving beds are made to operate as two pieces of furniture. They may prove very useful. Futons are very elegant pieces of furniture.

In default mode, they look like a very elegant chaise lounge. Apart from providing an extra bed for your guests, they add a touch of class to your space.

Foldable beds

As suggested by the name, this is a bed that can be folded. In most cases it also comes with a comfortable folded mattress.

It can be collapsed into a smaller version of itself and hidden away in a closet whenever it is not needed.

Some of these beds can be folded in half, others can be folded multiple times into small packages. Whatever the case, the bed’s size is reduced making it easier to move around or store.

Interestingly, some foldable beds have wheels attached to them. Once you fold them, you do not have to exert your muscles carrying them, you simply push it like you would a trolley.

This is an ideal bed for guests. Guests do not visit every other day. You, therefore, do not need to invest in an expensive bed.

This is a superb alternative. It stays in storage and is only pulled out when guests come.

Chair beds

This is an ingenious way to save floor space; by buying a bed that masquerades as a chair. A chair bed in the loosest sense is a foldable bed or can also be turned to a daybed.

It is a bed that can be folded into a chair. The chair so formed is far from hideous. It is classy looking, versatile, and adds a splash of elegance to your space.

You need not hide this one away in some dark closet. Since chair beds take up little space, you can place more than once in the same room and have more sleeping space for your guests.

Sofa beds

This is a larger version of the chair bed. Unlike the chair bed, where the chair and bed are one item, the sofa bed consists of a bed hidden within a couch.

The bed is pulled out from within the couch when needed. Since the bed has to fit inside a couch, its mattress is normally not very thick.

Therefore, long term sleeping on the bed is not recommended as it will affect how well you sleep.

Murphy bed

This is a pulldown bed that can be built onto a wall, inside a wardrobe or closet. They are amazing structures if you need to save on floor space. What’s even better is the fact that Murphy beds come in all sizes.

You can choose whatever size of bed you fancy and have any mattress of whatever thickness or texture you prefer. It is possible to sleep on this bed in the long term.

Trundle beds

When living in a small apartment, no space can go to waste. Not even the ton of space under your stairs. Trundles beds help you utilize that space.

This is a bed designed to slide under your floor. To do this, the floor has to be raised a few inches to make space for the bed.

A wooden platform that holds the mattress is then installed. The bed can be pulled out and pushed back in like a drawer in a cabinet.

This is an ultra-space saving mechanism. With the bed under the floor, you have much more space in your living area.

Using the space under staircases

This is a wonderful location to place a bed. No one uses it and for the most part, is out of the way. Repurposing this space helps you gain more usable ground.

A bed would snuggly fit into this alcove and provide a wonderful space to hide away and enjoy a wonderful period of rest.

Further, extra storage space can be designed into the side of the stairwell. Your guests will have tonnes of space to place their belongings, allowing them to feel more at home.


If you are thinking of getting a bed that does not take up half of the floor space in your apartment, it is time to think of slide out and rollaway beds.

The design of these beds allows you to hide them in plain sight, freeing up floor space. Some can fold multiple times into tiny packages and hidden away in closets.

Others like the sofa bed and the chair bed are designed to camouflage into their surroundings. They are beds that masquerade as normal couches.

At night they can be stretched out into a very comfy bed. In the day, the bed is transformed into a classy elegant chair. Other beds like Murphy beds are built into walls and wardrobes.