How To Improve Your Bedroom Lighting

Most people ignore lighting when designing the bedroom of their dreams. But you have to give it just as much interest as soft furnishings and paint colors.

Lighting may either help you sleep better or interfere with your sleep. The trick is to understand the type of lighting to use in the bedroom and where and when to use it.

If you consider offering the bedroom a nice lighting transformation, you should design a plan that’s both eye-catching and functional.

Best lighting for your bedroom to make it look cozy

What kinds of bedroom lighting ideas do you require?

Task lighting:

This includes reading lights and spotlights. They are essential if you use your bedroom as a home office or vital for readers. Closets can gain from spotlights, particularly in bigger rooms with inadequate natural lighting.

Ambient lighting:

This imitates natural daylight, and you can create it using string lights, wall lights, lamps, and pendants for soft pools of lighting and a tranquil ambiance. Consider bedside or dimmable overhead lamps that can help fill the bedroom with dim, soft lighting. It is ideal for relaxing before falling asleep.

Accent lighting:

This is made using uplights, downlights, and spotlights, among other light styles. You can use accent lighting to highlight design features like artwork or alcoves. However, you can also create it using table lamps to make zoned pools of lighting.

Improve bedroom lighting and create a tranquil room

  1. Reading lights

These help you drift off to your preferred book. Place reading lights on dimmers and try to turn them down as far as possible since a lot of light deflecting the white of a book may lead to issues.

Think of leaving phones, laptops, and tablets in a different room in the house, as the light they emit may disrupt your sleep.

  1. Use natural light

The human body requires the morning brightness and darkness during the night. Blackout shades will obstruct car headlights and streetlights and make falling asleep easier; however, it can detach us from daylight.

Think about shades that allow in the morning sunshine or use smart shade controls that help raise them before your slated wake-up. You can also use smart lights or light-based alarm clocks to trick the body if you want to rise before sunshine.

  1. Task lighting, accent, and layer ambient

These three lighting types offer the most effective illuminating in any room. The light needs to be normally warm and soft with brighter areas as required. Task lighting is brighter, and it is mainly for specific activities such as putting on makeup or reading.

You can use accent lights to highlight a room’s specific features, such as wall paintings or pictures, while ambient lighting offers your whole room in a much similar way sunshine would.

  1. Bedroom light controls and layers

Designing your bedroom lighting in layers that let you change with the time of day is important. Light will help your bedroom feel comfy, look stunning, and offer the perfect light at the perfect time.

Layer in the bedroom illumination. Step lights, spotlights on art, bedside lamps, wall sconces, and cove lighting will work together to make a well-illuminated and nice room.

Lastly, lighting controls like programmable smart systems and dimmers will make it simpler to improve room morning brightness, limit light during the night, and set the perfect mood in between.

  1. Bedside table lamps

It would help if you made sure that bright lights are out of the eyes during the night. You can do this by staying away from pendant lights and bedside lamps with visible bulbs or clear glass shades that create dazzling light. In addition, ensure shades are around equal to the level of your eye when you lean or sit in bed.

Recessed downlights above your bed will help push light directly to the retina and adversely affect sleep cycles. For this reason, you should use these lights carefully and make sure on dimmers you set to the lowest working setting.

  1. Soft room lighting

Feature walls or light bounced off art, and soft cove lighting will offer a warm light perfect for your bedroom. Soft room lighting solutions can help in limiting the amount of air getting into the eyes.

If your bedroom needs a ceiling fan, don’t get the ones that have lights. While most ceiling fans have shades, they usually don’t do much to keep you from staring directly into the bulbs.

  1. Select lighting fixtures that match your room’s dimensions

Before buying your bedroom light fixtures, make sure you measure your room’s size and the ceiling’s height. It would be best if you researched to know which light kinds work well for your bedroom. You do not want to purchase a big crystal chandelier that, although good-looking, is too big for a low ceiling.

  1. White lighting fixtures

If you want your bedroom to have a light and well-ventilated feeling, consider installing white or other neutral-colored fixtures. These help to open up your bedroom, particularly if it is small. Remember to go for appealing, fun shapes so that your bedroom’s overall look is still attractive.

  1. Have more lighting options

Where it concerns lighting, more is usually better. It is suggested that optimal lighting will help in increasing energy, improving positivity, and cheerfulness. For this reason, it can prove helpful to provide yourself lots of choices when it comes to illumination.

Certainly, natural light will be considered the best; however, once the sun goes down, artificial light takes over.

If your bedroom has a statement bedding or stunning bed headboard, using a big pendant to light it from above will generate a stunning effect, while you can add texture by tossing light onto the artwork. A table lamp and wall-hung lamps mean you’ll always have enough lighting.

Planning lighting ideas around how you use your bedroom

To start with, when you want to design your bedroom’s lighting scheme, consider the amount of light entering. Consider your habits and needs: Do you love reading during the night?

Then you should get the best quality reading lights. Or do you mostly use the bedroom on weekends for evening lazing?

In that case, you will want dimmable, low level, and atmospheric lighting. Are you looking for the best lighting to put on makeup or find winter clothes? Then you will require the best task and add ambient lighting.


Decorating your bedroom and bringing all the different elements together will be much fun. While illumination can at times be a second thought, the bedroom can be much more appealing and comfy if you consider these deluxe lighting tips.

The way you illuminate the bedroom plays a huge role in its overall feel and look. When you are remodeling or designing, you should not treat lights as a second thought. You can use the tips mentioned above to create a lavish retreat perfect for both daytime and sleeping activity.