How To Choose A Mattress That Works For You

Choosing a mattress looks easy enough; however, the fact is that getting the perfect one is not always a simple decision.

With countless choices and models available in the market, you can get overwhelmed easily while shopping for a mattress.

The significance of a perfect mattress is usually underrated. People often search for the cheapest or easiest choice available but forget to take into consideration the actual mattress itself.

During the entire period, their quality of sleep might be suffering due to a mattress that’s not looked after in the right way or using the wrong mattress.

People blame various things for why they cannot sleep properly during the night; however, it is time to consider your mattress as the main suspect.

How to pick the best mattress to sleep on

To help you in choosing a mattress here’s some helpful information:

  1. Consider your weight of the mattress

Most people forget taking into consideration their weight when selecting a mattress. In actual fact, your body type and weight can affect:

  • Cooling
  • Hug
  • Sinkage
  • Feel
  • Support

A firmer mattress will be the best choice for heavy people as they often feel the pressure points in their back regularly. Alternatively, a mattress that’s not firm is perfect for lightweight people as they won’t sink into it as deeply.

  1. Material used to build the mattress

Nowadays, you can get mattresses in various kinds of materials.

Some of the most popularly known types include:

  • Coils or innerspring
  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Hybrid

A hybrid mattress combines coils with foam. This type of mattress is not as popular as it is often much more costly.

  1. A memory foam mattress offers the best comfort as they conform to your various body parts. They also retain heat properly. A Viscoelastic foam mattress would fall in this category very well.
  2. Nowadays, latex mattresses are available in natural and synthetic materials. This mattress features great bounce and cooling properties.
  3. A coil mattress is the most popular kind and usually has a bad repute. These mattresses are very inexpensive and durable. A coil mattress offers a cooler night’s sleep as well.

In addition, you can choose an adjustable mattress that will let you adjust the bed angle, hence help elevate your feet.

  1. Age of the mattress

To start with, if you want to determine if it is time for a new mattress you need to know how old your existing one is. While not all age the same, there are some important guidelines you may use for determining if you should get a new mattress.

The most essential factor when deciding on the age of a mattress is what material the mattress is created with. The reason being, different kinds of construction come with different anticipated lifespans.

  • The innerspring mattress will often last about 8 years
  • The hybrid mattress also last about 10 years
  • A memory foam mattress has a lifespan of up to 10 years
  • The pillow-top mattress has the shortest lifespan of around 7 years
  • Latex mattresses will last the longest, at approximately 12 years

Keep in mind that there are some ways of enhancing some mattresses’ life, and at times a mattress will wear out quicker than you expect.

At this point it would be prudent to mention that you should dispose of worn out mattresses. So, you need to always think about how well you’re sleeping on a mattress and the type of comfort you get when you’re looking to make a purchase.

  1. Price of the mattress

A mattress might cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, the greater cost does not necessarily signify more comfort. Since we’re all different, you should choose a mattress that will suit your type of body instead of simply choosing the costly one you set your eyes on.

Typically, it’s costly purchasing a mattress in a store. Online, however, you will get top-quality mattresses at an affordable price. It’s important that you set a budget and follow it. The probability is, you will be able to get the best mattress for less than you anticipated.

  1. Determine if it’s the right time to buy the mattress

Before shopping for a mattress, take into consideration your existing one’s age. You might discover that all you need is getting a topper.

Usually, you can expect the mattress to show signs of wearing out after roughly 8 years. So, before you purchase a new mattress, look for the following problems:

  • Lacking support
  • Issues with the stitching
  • Sagging

If you also notice any of the following, make sure you look at your bed and mattress quality:

  • Exhaustion when getting out of bed
  • Restless sleep
  • Pain

If you didn’t experience these symptoms before, it might be because of your mattress.

  1. How long to use the mattress

This is an essential factor for the economy of a household. Do not only consider the costs, but consider how long you will actually use a mattress.

For your health, it can be harmful to your wellbeing to use an old mattress that does not provide you with the needed comfort and support.

  1. Consider your sleeping position

Most people have a unique posture, which they prefer sleeping in every night. If you are one of these people, you need to remember this when you choose your mattress.

By taking a moment to think of the right sleeping position, you’ll have a good idea of the mattress firmness you need.

Usually, you’ll require one with:

  • Medium to a medium-firm if you’re a back sleeper
  • Soft to the very firm if you’re a stomach sleeper
  • Very soft to medium if you’re a side sleeper

Most people are not back sleepers. Considering this, they require a specific firmness to make sure that they have the utmost comfort.

  1. Size of mattress

Do you sleep alone or with your better half? Perhaps one of you is especially wide or tall. These are important things to consider when you choose a mattress.

You can get sleep interruptions when confined in a small bed. Additionally, some people hate their feet hanging off the bed’s end. You’ll find different sizes of mattresses you can decide on. Also important to consider is definitely the size of the bed.

They include:

  • California King
  • Twin XL
  • King
  • Queen
  • Full
  • Twin

A mattress’s size you select can depend wholly on whether or not you sleep alone, weight, and height.


Choosing a mattress will depend on individual preferences. Apart from your height and weight, you should remember to follow your budget.

Remember to also consider how easy it is to pack the mattress in case you have to shift houses. Furthermore, you should consider your position of sleeping since this can impact the firmness you choose.