How To Upgrade My Bedroom Lighting?

Good lighting can switch up your bedroom into a premium haven. I mean, lighting sets the aura of the bedroom and offers excellent functionality.

If you have never upgraded your lighting fixtures in your bedroom, it’s now time to save up and start looking at the best bedroom lighting ideas.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of lighting options you can incorporate in your bedroom today. But how can you improve your bedroom lighting?

Lighting fixtures used to improve bedroom lighting

There are many lighting fixtures you can buy to create a whole new charm in your bedroom.

Some of them include:

Portable reading lamps

If you are a book lover, consider installing reading lamps by the bedside or above the bed headboard.

Portable reading lamps are amazing light fixtures that provide excellent functionality and increase the bedroom’s aesthetics.

These lighting fixtures come in handy, especially if you are a night owl.

You can get enough light to conduct your tasks without lighting up the whole room and disturbing your partner.

String lights

One of the most affordable ways to improve your bedroom lighting is to use fairy lights.

Fairy lights, popularly known as string lights, have been used for decades to light up Christmas trees and set the festive season’s mood.

Now, they are often used to decorate rooms. So, consider encompassing string lights around the headboard of the bed or by the bedside table.

Consequently, you will obtain a warm, unique glow that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom.

Pendant lights

Another way to invigorate your bedroom is by installing pendant lights. Pendant lights come in a wide range of design options.

Thus, you can always find the perfect pendant lights that go well with your bedroom décor.

Luckily, you can always install pendant lights on your ceiling or by your bedside or in your closet space.

They provide sufficient light and the best chill spot for you to relax after a grueling day.

Floor lamps

Consider buying a floor lamp for your bedroom. These lighting fixtures enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom and provide enough light to perform various tasks.

Today, floor lamps come in a wide variety of designs. Home décor experts advise going for a stylish and modern floor lamp design that complements the bedroom.

Needless to say, it also depends on your requirements.

Electric candles

If you wish to create a romantic and comfortable aura in your bedroom, consider buying electric candles.

Electric candles are a safe option compared to normal candles. All you have to do is connect them to a power source and use a remote to light them up. You can always place your electric candles by your bedside or dressing table.

Anytime you are watching a movie from the comfort of your bed, turn them on. Besides, electric candles are affordable and readily available. You can find them on Amazon or any local store.

Tips for using when improving your bedroom lighting

Here are the best and recommended ways to lighting up a room.

Use multiple sources of lighting

One type of light fixture may not be enough to offer the best aesthetics and functionality for your bedroom.

So, consider using a minimum of three light sources. For instance, if you use pendant lights, you can use a chandelier as well.

On the other hand, if you use a wall sconce, consider placing a floor lamp on one corner of the room.

This way, the room will have sufficient lighting and provide excellent functionality. But you have to identify the different types of lighting that work well with each other.

Don’t ignore natural light

Aside from using various lighting fixtures, never forget to use natural light.

Interior design experts report that natural lighting provides the best aesthetics. So, keep your windows open and allow air to flow in the room. Also, use light-colored curtains to allow light penetration in the bedroom.

Select the right color for your lighting fixtures

Ensure that you choose the most suitable color for lighting fixtures. Ensure that the color of the light fixture matches the décor of your bedroom. It is advisable to go for neutral shades like white and cream.

White-colored fixtures go well with almost all types of bedroom décor. If you wish to create a warm and cozy ambiance, go for lighting fixtures with orange hues.

Use reflective lighting fixtures

Mirrors and glossy finishes are the best when enhancing your bedroom lighting. Mirrors tend to reflect light; thus, they increase the lighting of the room. Place decorative mirrors on the sides of the room and small mirrors on your dressing table.

Also, you can hang a decorative mirror on the wall to make your room more attractive. Incorporating a glossy floor is also a good option for improving your bedroom lighting.

Focus on darker corners

Some corners of your bedroom might be a little bit darker than others. In such cases, you can try illuminating and highlighting such corners. You can do this by placing a floor lamp on that spot.

Also, you can place a table lamp on that spot to provide sufficient lighting. String lights are also a good option to use in dark corners.

Choose the best lighting fixture design

Lighting fixtures come in a wide range of designs. So, it would be best to evaluate your requirements before settling for a specific lighting fixture.

For example, if your room has a cottage-like structure, wooden chandeliers would work for you. Additionally, when it comes to your child’s bedroom, choose playful designs that excite your child.

Identify the size of the room

Typically, the larger the room, the more the lighting fixtures you can use. Besides, knowing the room’s size enables you to determine the level of brightness you would need.

For instance, if you are revamping a large master bedroom, use a wide range of lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps, and table lamps would perfectly work for you.


Improving your bedroom lighting entails incorporating various lighting fixtures. They include pendant lights, floor lamps, reading lights, and string lights, among other lighting forms.

Even so, before you choose the right type of lighting, consider using multiple lighting fixtures.

A combination of different types of lighting will help you boost your bedroom’s aesthetics and obtain excellent functionality from them.