The Pros And Cons Of Platform Beds

The varieties of beds out there can confuse the buyer. Especially today, where every bed-making industry claims to be making world-class beds.

With such kind of confusion, you will be tempted to buy anything; after all, what you need is comfort—sleeping seven or eight hours without interference.

However, the question of whether what you just bought is worth your money remains unanswered.

Because you landed on something you were not sure of. Thanks to the creative minds behind platform beds. The bed offers you total comfort, besides protecting you from cold throughout the night.

Well, despite creativity that platform bed boasts of, it may not be for everyone. So just like anything else, platform beds also bear pros and cons.

Advantages of platform beds

Pocket-friendly; you don’t need to have much money to buy a platform bed. It is pretty cheap, especially without the presence of box springs.

Good news, it doesn’t need any extra mattress and foundation. Platform beds are cheaper than traditional beds. So if you have a tight budget, then this will save your day.

Comfort; sleeping on a plank of wood even after putting your expensive mattress is quite disgusting. Choosing a platform bed is the way to go. You need a long-lasting bed that can also complement your lifestyle.

Platform bed’s bottom has a flat and sturdy structure that provides a stable surface for your mattress that makes it easy to tuck your bed. The bed assures you steady and comfortable usage, hence a lovely night sleep.

  • Its solid frame promotes the longevity of memory foam mattresses, the choice of many, due to its guaranteed firmness and comfort.

You can also choose modern designs, traditional, Asian as well as other models which are already in the market.

Just buy one that will perfectly complement your entire home layout.

  • Features; you have a small sized-bedroom, and you’re worried how your platform bed will fit in properly and have space for other stuff. Simple, purchase a platform bed with storage feature.

This will help you save the space because some of your extra stuff will be accommodated inside the bed.

This is better than buying a bed and storage box at the same time.

Disadvantages of platform beds

Low height; usually, platform beds are always near the ground compared to traditional beds. This might be dangerous to old age people, especially with the knee and lower back injuries.

You can choose a traditional bed if you always have difficulty when bending over. Difficult to move around; you will face a hard time when moving or shifting your platform beds to your new apartment.

Its firmness and stability, large-sized finish makes it difficult to lift and move around, especially when you’re moving on the stairs and narrow hallways. Also, its unbendable solid structure makes it difficult to transport from one place to another.

Lack of space underneath; Most platform beds are too close to the ground to have adequate space underneath. Some people still keep their stuff under their bunk beds.

So, it denies them that opportunity hence choose regular beds over platform beds. Though platform bed with storage feature still stands out the best, thus this isn’t a big problem.

Cost; not all platform beds are cheaper than regular ones. The most important thing is to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the mattress.

Some of them indicate that they need a box spring to provide enough support. So, this might cost you some extra coins.

Do platform beds squeak?

Of course, No!

After all who needs a noisy bed?

Platform bed offers you quietness, peace and a perfect night rest.

With its sturdiness and structural composition of the frame that provides stability and maximum support, be rest assured you won’t hear squeaky noises.

That said you should understand there are a wide variety of bed frames in the market that differ in terms of design and quality of the materials.

It would help if you considered these factors; sturdiness, support, and cost-effectiveness when choosing your bed.

HOMUS 7 Inch High Profile Heavy Duty Steel Platform Bed Frame, Homdock 14 inches Metal Platform Bed Frame and 45MinST 45 Inch

Reinforced Platform Bed Frame are some of the frames you need to look for when you’re doing a window shopping for a platform bed.

You shouldn’t buy something with squeaky noises that wouldn’t let you sleep when your spouse tosses and turns during the night.

Do Platform Beds Breaks easily?

Not true. Platform beds guarantee you stability and perfect support. It can hardly break due to the excellent design and quality of materials used during tailoring.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot buy a breakable platform bed from a salesman. Platform beds without adequate center support will automatically break after sometimes as you will be rolled to the center of the bed hence sagging.

Center rail crossing the slats aids in fighting gravity. You should, therefore, consider beds with center support legs down the center of the mattress to have comfort and smooth sleep throughout the night.

The next stuff you need to check is whether slat is properly installed. Slats that never attach to the side rails but just resting on a lip are likely to sag.

Shoddy installation of slats is what leads to sagging and breakage of the bed. That said you should have a rough idea of what a sturdy bed looks like.

Even though platform bed is a gateway to peaceful sleep, make sure it has real wood slats, center rails that run from head to foot and center support legs that go all the way to the ground.

Final thoughts

Bear in mind, platform beds are strong and steady, but the quality depends on where you purchased it.

Also, the level of quality might mean you spend more; sometimes, the quality you get is directly proportional to the amount you’re willing to pay.

Though you should not be afraid to pick it as an option during your next bed shopping.

Let the platform bed be your choice. And let nothing stop you from building your own platform bed if you so wish.