Metal Folding Bed – Just Right For Your Small Space

Living in a tiny apartment and don’t have adequate floor space for a bed?

Need a spare bed for your guests that you can be stored away in your attic until when needed?

A folding bed is a perfect solution to all those challenges. The bed frame is designed in a way that it can be collapsed and folded several times into a small compact package.

Why buy such a bed? 


The bed can literally be folded in itself three or four times into a small package. The resulting package can be carried away be one person.

This feature makes transporting such a bed quite an easy feat. You do not even need a moving truck.

You can simply stick the bed in your boot and drive off. When the bed is not in use, you simply fold it and plop into a closet. Moving this bed around from one place to another is quite an easy task.

Easy to set up

Putting all the parts of a foldable bed together is not rocket science. The only parts that actually need to be joined are the 4 legs to the frame.

The frame comes folded, so you need only spread it out and then attach the legs. That’s it. Taking the bed apart follows the same process.

Unscrew the legs, fold the frame and you’re ready to pack the bed away in storage until the next time you need it.


The structure of the bed is simple. It is made from only one raw material; metal. The simplicity of the design and of the materials used means that this bed is actually very affordable.

The Linon Luxor folding bed would be a perfect choice. It also comes with a memory foam mattress. Compared to regular beds, this one is a steal.


Iron folding bed frames are not very estranged from regular beds. They are designed in more or less the same way.

The material used is also similar; there are regular beds made of metal. Their only contrasting feature is that unlike a normal bed, a metal folding bed can be folded.

The frame is designed to have different sections that are then connected together. The frame therefore has several joints at which it can be collapsed.

The folding aspect makes this bed excellent at utilizing space. When not being used the bed can be taken apart, folded and kept far from view.

Where can you use it?

A metallic foldable bed can be used in more places that you think. You can use the bed for yourself.

If living in a small apartment, space is an issue. With a foldable cot or bed, you need never worry.

The bed can stay in storage during the day and come out at night. Therefore, when you are awake and active in the day, you have all the space you need.

The bed can be used for guests. There is not one person who wants to sleep on the floor in their friend’s home.

Designing a guest bedroom is crazy expensive. With this product, your friends’ visit can be made much more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

This bed is just as comfy as a normal bed and your guests will prefer it to a cold floor. Furthermore, the bed can be stored in a space as small as a closet until it is needed.

This is ideal especially if your apartment is small or you have use for that extra room in the house.

Types of folding metallic beds

Queen sized metal bed frame Target

Target has a reputation for providing quality, useful and affordable products for its many customers all over the world.

As a well-renown brand, it stocks different products, from various manufactures, producers and major brands to allow its customers a plethora of products to choose from.

As such, you know that you are buying a quality product. This metal bed frame sold by target is one of a kind.

It is big and sturdy enough to support two people, making ideal for couples. The frame is foldable which makes it easy to store away and move. It is necessary for use in small spaces, camping trips or even when guests visit.

Bed frame wheels Walmart

If your caster wheels ever fell of and got lost, never worry because Walmart got you covered. From 10$, Walmart offers you a pair, three pack, four pack or even a five pack of caster wheels for your bed.

The wheels are made polypropylene. This is a very tenacious hydrocarbon. It is strong and durable, thus will serve you for quite a while.

The wheels come with attachment clasps to fix them onto the frame. They easily roll over mats, carpet, concrete and even hardwood floors.

They are designed with a locking brake mechanism. Once your bed is where you want it, you simply lock the wheels to keep the bed in place.

Folding guest bed

In addition to the portability, affordability and compactness of a metallic folding guest bed, this one has another cool feature.

It is made of steel. Steel is a lovely metal alloy. It is very strong metal, strong, durable and rust-resistant. A bed frame made from such a metal will last you an eternity.

You will not only enjoy the convenience of folding a bed and storing it away but also enjoy the fact that the bed will serve you a very long time.

Twin roll out bed

A twin bed is approximately 6 feet long by 3 feet wide. It is an ideal size for one person and the height of the bed is just perfect. There are many brands that offer their own version of this product.

However, when on the search for a metal frame twin roll out bed, ensure that the product you commit to is strong, durable, portable and must have caster wheels attached to it. If it does not meet that criteria, then it is not worth purchasing.


Metallic foldable beds are useful in many scenarios, the same applies with a folded mattress. From camping, to hosting guests or just for you to sleep on.

Whatever use you put the bed to, you are sure that this product will deliver. The bed is strong and comfy just like a metallic platform bed.

Unlike regular beds, it is portable and compact making it ideal for small spaces.