Do You Really Need An Inflatable Mattress Topper?

Saying that sleep is important to your health is an understatement. Many health issues we often face may be linked to having unhealthy sleeping patterns.

The mattress is pivotal in ensuring you get quality sleep. You need a mattress that offers support for your back and comfort for your body.

Inflatable mattresses do not necessarily provide this support. Their rubbery texture makes them generally uncomfortable to sleep on.

Fortunately, transforming an uncomfortable inflatable mattress to a transcendent sleeping space neither requires a lot of effort nor resources.

Simply adding an extra layer of cushioning, padding and support will go a long way. Mattress toppers are ideal paddings for adding support to any bed surface.

Simply lay one atop your rubber mattress and see the difference. When seeking out a topper to lay on your rubber mattress, look for one that is thick enough to cushion you.

What are toppers made from?

There are different types of toppers to pick from. Many mattress toppers are made from latex material, memory foam, fibers, down, or even memory foam that is infused with gel.

Whatever type you opt to purchase, really depends upon your preferences. Memory foam is an extremely plush material. With it, you get to sleep on one of the softest surfaces out there.

It is very pocket-friendly. The foam topper contours around your body, allowing you to sink into a cloud-like surface.

It also reduces motion transfer. You can, therefore, sleep comfortably without being affected by the movements of your partner.

The latex and memory foam material give the additional support needed for your body’s pressure points.

Latex, however, has a longer life span when put against memory foam. It’s much more supple and bouncy. Latex mattress cover is also a lot more expensive.

Memory foam imbibed with gel seeks to provide a product that is both soft and plush but at the same time gives ample anchorage to your back bone as you sleep.

The gel ensures that you are not cradled too deep within the memory foam. It is also very useful for hot sleepers.

A gel bed topper disperses heat away from you giving you a cool sensation through the entire night. Never will you feel sweaty or clammy. 

Why buy a topper for an inflatable mattress?

Inflatable mattresses are very tiring to sleep on. They are too bouncy, and their rubber texture does not help. A squishy but firm mattress topper is set to change this and also provide;


With a thick topper, you are sure that your back, neck, spine, and generally your entire body will be held in a proper position. No longer will you sink too far within the mattress to get out.


The rubber feeling of an inflatable mattress is awful against the skin. By investing in a bed topper, you create a barrier between yourself and the mattress.

Instead of feeling rubber, your skin will be pressed against soft and smooth memory foam or latex.


A down, memory foam or latex mattress topper contours your body and creates a grove within which you can snuggle into. It retains heat and keeps it near your skin.

Winter months do not need to be rough just because you have an inflatable mattress. By investing in a topper, you can have the warmest sleeping spot ever!

When buying a topper for your inflatable mattress, the following are in our opinion the best products out there. Furthermore, they all cost an amount below 100 bucks!

Memory foam combined with gel topper by Linenspa

Retailing at about $40 and available in all bed topper sizes, this product is a bargain. It is made by putting memory foam and gel together.

This in effect combines the best the two worlds have to offer. Memory foam is soft and gives you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

Gel beads infused within the memory foam, add an aspect of support. They also diffuse heat away from your body, making the surface nice and cool to sleep on.

Duck and goose Hypoallergenic Fiber Down alternative Topper

If you want that soft pillow feel, this is the topper to buy. The padding is softer and provides less support.

Having it transforms your uncomfortable inflatable mattress surface into a gigantic pillow. The topper is also hypoallergenic. It thus blocks dust and other allergens.

If you have asthma or other types of allergy, this might be the product you need.

If you are not yet in love with it, let us add the fact that it is machine washable, is accompanied by a 10-year long warranty and retails for only about $64!

Natural latex topper

A perfect mattress topper for side sleepers, this baby retails for about $70. It’s firm yet bouncy, offering support to your body’s main pressure points while you sleep.

Your body is aligned and your spine supported. Latex is heat neutral. It is therefore impeccable for either hot or cold sleepers.

This wonderful product comes in three thicknesses’ ranging from 1 to 3 inches. It is breathable and ideal for persons who prefer products made from natural materials.

Lavender memory foam topper by Lucid

Ever wondered how it would feel sleeping on a sweet-smelling cloud. With the Lavender memory foam topper, you need not wonder again.

This product is infused with a sweet lavender scent. The scent has a calming effect. The memory foam is infused with gel to ensure you never get too hot.

It also features textures surfaces earmarked for your head, neck, knees, hips, and shoulders.

Though the beautiful lavender scent may not last forever, it is a welcome respite from the chemical smell new memory foam toppers normally may have.



Sleeping soundly through the night is a necessity for good health.

Though an inflatable mattress may be the most uncomfortable thing to sleep on, it can easily be transformed into a cozy surface for you, your guests, or even your children.

You need only invest in a mattress topper. It will cost you less than $100, and will completely change how you sleep. You will always wake up well-rested and ready to succeed.