All About Daybeds – How To Make A Daybed

One of the common bed frames in most homes is a daybed. A daybed is usually meant for daytime napping and lounging.

Usually situated in a common room or living room, a daybed closely looks like a cross between a bed and a couch.

Some relate them to sleeper chairs. They are usually created with wicker, wood or metal. A daybed, both outdoor and indoor, is regarded as more informal than a contemporary couch or sofa.

They are also usually longer for accommodating a variety of sleep postures. Many of these outdoor beds offer the best area for napping during the day when placed in a shaded and cool space or next to an outdoor pool.

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Best size and dimensions of a daybed

A daybed is usually the size of a twin bed; however, can be made to fit other sizes of mattresses, which include kings, fulls, twin XLs and even queens.

This provides the daybed with a unique look of half bed, half sofa. Though daybeds can be available in different sizes, they usually are the size of twin bed mattresses.

Because of that, a daybed’s regular size is 97×191 cm (38 by 75 inches). A daybed can look confusing initially, particularly if you want to purchase bedding or a mattress for the daybed.

Maybe you only have to know where it can fit in the house or if you will be comfy enough to sleep on it. Many daybeds are available in standard bed sizes such as queen, twin, narrow twin and even full.

These will also fit their matching sizes of mattresses perfectly. You’ll also get some unique exceptions; however, these have their own mattresses included.

Are daybeds comfortable to sleep on?

A daybed’s surface is flat, similar to a mattress on a bed. Because of this, the variation between a bed’s comfort and a daybed is minimal and will depend on the daybed and the mattress itself.

You can place the best mattress on a cheap daybed and you will still have a great night’s sleep. Also nothing stops you from using a bed topper if need be.

On the other hand, if you place a cheap mattress on the best daybed, it becomes extremely uncomfortable.

How to make a daybed

The ideal solutions for afternoon snoozes are daybeds. In addition, if you are inviting guests over, this bed can double-up as a guest bed as well. There are lots of daybeds out there, but purchasing them can be costly.

For this reason, you should make one for your house. With a well designed and decorated daybed you can easy turn a bedroom to look awesome. A daybed is popularly created with metal, wrought iron frame or wood.

Here are easy steps to make a daybed:

Step 1 – Design:

Before starting to make the daybed, you should do a little prior planning. This is to make sure you have all the materials readily available before the actual work begins.

Though your daybed’s size is wholly up to you, remember that many shops sell standard size mattresses. If you want to use one of these mattresses, do make sure the daybed is of the correct dimensions.

If you do not want to allow the size of the mattress to determine your daybed dimensions, you should either cut a piece of foam to create your own mattress or get a custom mattress created.

Step 2 – Rails:

First, you should make your bed’s outer rails. Then cut two shorter pieces of plywood/fiberwood for the transverse rails and two long ones for the longitudinal rails.

There are several ways you can join this. One method is using the traditional technique where you use a mortising machine for cutting a tenon or mortise. After that, fit these two pieces together, and then use a wood adhesive or screw to join them.

The benefit of using the traditional way is that the bed will be durable and stronger. But you can use bed rail clips if you don’t have experience in woodwork. You should screw the metal clips onto your bed and then use the mortise and tenon arrangement to insert it into each other.

Step 3. Strength members:

After your bed’s basic outline is ready, you should endeavor to make it stronger. One or two plywood sheets /fiber boards fitted diagonally to the two longitudinal rails can not only offer extra strength to the bed but can also offer the platform board support.

Step 4 – Fitting the platform board:

The mattress can rest on top of the platform which is a single piece of plywood sheet or fiberboard. Here are reviews of awesome platform beds in the market today.

You can simply fit this platform atop the transverse strength members.

Step 5 – Polish:

After the daybed is all set, check whether the mattress will fit well and that all the parts fit together safely. Then apply a coat of paint or polish and let it dry. Fit the mattress on and you’re ready to relax on your own customized daybed.

How to turn a regular bed into a daybed

  1. Incorporating a DIY backrest

Incorporating a wide backrest behind your bed’s side is another way of adapting the frame. Visually, this will help turn your bed sideways and into a daybed. This backrest can be as simple as a door made of wood.

  1. Decorating a daybed

The key to the transformation is big pillows. You require lots of puffy pillows to make it comfortable as there is no real cushioned backrest. You will require at least 2 or 3 medium-sized pillows with matching colors.

The bigger they are, the more you will sink in when unwinding on the new daybed. You can adjust to your position easily, whether sliding down or seated into a lounging position.

  1. Incorporating side tables

One of the main differences between daybeds and regular beds is that daybeds generally have armrests. Armrests provide the practical advantage of ensuring the daybed is comfier to sit on. 

Beginning with a twin bed without footrest or head, an easy hack is incorporating side-tables on every side. These tables are raised to around the height of the armrest. They will work to frame your bed as a daybed without you having to alter your bed.

  1. Add throw blankets

You will not be making your bed each time you or someone else sits on it, so traditional blankets and sheets will not work too. What you require is simply to get throw blankets that you can pull straight easily when needed.

A range of patterns and textures mixed can add the finishing touch of style to the daybed, making it one of the most appealing areas in your whole house.